Different Types of Inverter in India 2021

Here I am writing about the Types of Inverter in India. So the first question that comes in everyone’s mind that what is an inverter?

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So to knowing what is an inverter please Read our recommended Article.

Types of inverter

Inverters are mainly three types. We are here discussing such as Pure sine wave inverter, Modified sine wave inverter, and Square wave inverter. So we are discussing each of them one by one.

Pure sine wave inverter

This kind of inverters is very useful for people who use heavy appliances like a refrigerator, TV, computer, microwave, and washing machine.

Pure sine wave inverters are reliable for their efficiency to provide a neat and uninterruptible power supply.

Pure sine wave inverter uses the same form of current which me you get in your grid power. It is very similar to the current which you are provided in your grid power.

Modified sine wave inverter

Modified sine wave inverters are the ideal choice for small appliances such as lights, fans, tube lights. If compared to the pure sine wave inverters, they are a bit cheaper.

Modified sine wave inverters are not as efficient as pure sine wave inverters. It doesn’t mean they are useless. It’s just that they take a brief pause for shifting the phase from positive to negative.

They sometimes affect the productivity of your appliances. Their functioning is quite the same as the square wave inverter but less complex. They might result in humming noise and dimmer lights

Square wave inverter

Square wave inverter is a bit old technology of the inverters. They generate a waveform in square shape. These are the least efficient compared to the other inverters.

They also generate some noise. They also aren’t useless. These inverters are the foremost choices, for small offices and homes.


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