12 Best Treadmill in India (March – 2021) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you searching for the best treadmill in India to maintain Great health? Then this article is for you.

Once Buddha said, “You can not enjoy your wealth if you are not in good health.”
And we believe “The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is healthy you.”

Best treadmill in India - Running on treadmill

This article will represent the 12 best treadmill in India under 15000 – 45000 and explain its buyer’s guides based upon 1-year of users’ experience.

Getting Reviews is really helpful for you before choosing the best treadmill for home use. The first step is to set a budget then go for the next.
Let’s understand: what is treadmill?

A treadmill is such a fitness tool where you can walk, run, and jog without going anywhere. Nowadays, this is one of the most versatile tools that train you as a fitness trainer.

What to see when buying a best treadmill in India?

  • Whatever treadmill you choose, it should feel stable, easy to use, and comfortable walking and running.
  • You have to see treadmill durability, warranty, budgets, advantages & disadvantages, other features, etc.
  • Besides, it should feel you like a part of your family.
  • In this pandemic, everyone maintains social distance. And if you select the best treadmill for home use, so it will easy to exercise at home.

Here we describe the Top 12 best treadmills in India with the help of experts. So keep all these variables in mind.

Top 12 Best Treadmill in India For Home Use

TreadmillsMotorSpeedUser weightTrackView
Powermax Motorized TDA-125 Treadmill2 HP DC1-14km/h115Kg50 × 17 inchesView on Amazon
Powermax motorized TDA-230 Treadmill1.5 HP DC1-14 km/hr115Kg50 × 17 inchesView on Amazon
Sparnod Fitness STH-3300 Automatic Treadmill2.75 HP DC1-13 Km/hr130Kg50 x 18 inchesView on Amazon
Fitkit Motorized Treadmill FT200 series2.25 HP DC1-16km/h110Kg1240 x 420 mmView on Amazon
Durafit strong surge foldable Motorised Treadmill2.0 HP DC1-14 kg/hr110Kg50 × 18 inchesView on Amazon
Maxpro PTM 405 Motorised Treadmill2 HP DC1-14 km/hr110Kg115 × 42 cmView on Amazon
Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized Treadmill1.25 HP DC1-12 km/hr100Kg41 × 15 inchesView on Amazon
Fitkit Motorized FT100S Treadmill1.75 HP DC1-15 km/hr110Kg1240 × 420 mmView on Amazon
Powermax TD-98 Motorized Treadmill1.75 HP DC1-10 km/h100Kg43 × 16 inchesView on Amazon
Healthgenie 3911m Motorised Treadmill2.5 HP DC1-10 km/hr100Kg43 × 15 inchesView on Amazon
Lifelong Fit Pro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill2.5 HP DC1-10 km/hr90Kg1330 × 615 mmView on Amazon
PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual TreadmillManualManual120Kg1160 x 335 mmView on Amazon

Best Treadmill in India Under Rs 45000

#1. Powermax motorized fitness treadmill (TDA-125) 2HP (4HP peak)

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Treadmill enhances your fitness lifestyle, decreases unnecessary efforts, as well as saves your valuable time. During exercise, it will guide you as a coach.

The Powermax TDA 125 is the first entry in our list of the best treadmill in India. It is one of the popular fitness brands most found at gyms, health clubs, and some NGO-based fitness points.

best treadmills for home use - Powermax motorized fitness treadmill (TDA-125) 2HP (4HP peak)

This is the best-motorized treadmill in India under Rs 45000. Its unique feature and great performance fascinate many health-conscious guys.

Powermax TDA-125 has some great features like smart run self-sensing, lubrication system, energy-saving motor, transportation wheels, etc.

Its smart run feature will record your exercise activity that would continue where you were last. Here you don’t need to remember your last activity. Rather, focus on increasing the level of your fitness journey.

Key Features

  • Speed: 1 – 14km/h
  • Max User Weight: 115kg
  • Motor: 2 HP DC
  • Shock absorber
  • An iPad holder
  • Track size: 49.6 × 16.5 inches
  • LED Display: 5.5 inches blue bright
  • Heart rate sensors on the crossbar handle
  • Paint quality: Antibacterial powder coat finish

It features BMI (body mass index) and some target-based modules.

The BMI and pre-set programs provide 12 pre-sets and 3 define workouts modules. The target-based module allows you to set the time, distance, and calories for burn. It will also make your fitness journey challenging.

In addition to the BMI feature, you can track and measure your body fat. If additional fat finds, then it instructs you to give an extra effort.


This Fitness tool has musical device slots such as speakers, AUX, and USB connectivity.

The AUX is an input device (same as an earphone jack) that connects with your phone to listen to music during running on a treadmill.

Listening to music is important for a well-focused mind. Whenever you get more pain, it will be helpful for your muscles to gain.

It features an independent CPU that resists moisture, water, and dust. This exclusive feature provides the best performance to this treadmill.

The Low energy-saving motor bound with 99% copper. It can control excessive noise within 68 DB.

Besides, the Powermax TDA-125 treadmill comes with the auto-stop safety mode for your safety. For getting level up your fitness journey, you can easily order on Amazon at exclusive offers.

  • Comes with Transporting Wheels 
  • Good display console panel
  • 12 pre-set or 3 target modules
  • Motor Speed is good for your fitness 
  • 3 years of motor & lifetime frame warranty
  • Price can be an issue
  • Running belt size can be small than your expectation

Best Treadmill in India Under Rs 35000

#2. Powermax motorized fitness treadmill TDA -230 (4HP peak)

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When thinking about a fitness lifestyle, the Powermax fitness tool always comes first in mind.

This TDA 230 treadmill is a semi lubricate ultimate runners’ fitness tool. It features a monster 2.0 HP DC motor, a large 5 inches blue LED display, and a unique design. These features are so helpful. It qualifies as the best treadmill in India under Rs 35,000.

best treadmill in India under 45000 - Powermax motorized fitness treadmill TDA 230 (4HP peak)

The Powermax treadmill is for those who don’t have time for the gym. Get this treadmill and make your home like a mini gym.

Key Featured

  • Type: TDA-230 (4HP peak)
  • Inclination: 1 – 15%
  • Speed: 1.0- 14 km/hr
  • Max User Weight: 115kg
  • Connectivity: AUX & USB input
  • Hot keys for speed in display console
  • BMI & FAT: Body mass index identifier

The hydraulic soft drop system unfolds the treadmill board with zero effort. It has a 15 mm thin, pre-waxed coated wide running board with a 49.6 × 16.5 inches trackside.

The treadmill board gets down slowly in little Kicked on the yellow tube. Hence, this exclusive feature helps to save your home space.

The 40% safety performance and 30% comfort are possible with the shock absorber dual springs. Hence it became safer and comfort with this treadmill.


To increase the motor efficiency, it has 3 levels of the Auto incline system. It serves a better user experience and reduces the time to achieve the tasks.

The easy-to-use semi-Auto lubrication is added to this treadmill to press the button and spread the lubricant.

Make sure lubrication got smoothly move and zero friction while using the treadmill. It also improves the life of the motor and belt. The board’s belt made multi-ply polyester and PVC nonslip surfaces.

This fitness tool is designed by steel with 3 layers of Quality paint that prevents corrosion. Although, it’s the frame made of iron alloy.

It comes with a better warranty like frame lifetime, 3 years of the motor, and 1-year parts & labor. It comes with a 90% installed state. Therefore, it qualifies as one of the best treadmills in India.

  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Very easy to installation
  • belt running smoothly
  • Hotkeys in-display console
  • Heart pulses sensor present
  • Hydraulic drop-down system
  • Price can be a concern
  • The motor can create issues if not maintained properly

#3. Sparnod STH-3300 (5.5 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill

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Do you want to grow your fitness lifestyle with a super machine, so let’s present the Sparnod fitness tool?

Wow, This treadmill is one of the coolest fitness tools on this list. On the other hand, it improves your health and built lower muscles.

Sparnod Fitness STH-3300 (5.5 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill

Sparnod manufacturer design keeps in mind the user’s daily fitness challenges such as continuous running, easy to fold, and assembled. This is the best and super stylish treadmill in India under 35,000.

This treadmill is good for easy to move and store in a little space. Here we are providing valuable features that will be really beneficial for you.

Key Features:

  • Type: STH-3300
  • Max User weight: 130Kg
  • Track LxW: 50×18 inch
  • Treadmill Weight: 45Kg
  • Multi-layer running belt
  • Motor Speed: 1 – 13 Km/h
  • Installation: 100% pre-installation
  • Light-weighted 90 % foldable design
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 1-year motor, and 1-year parts/labor

This treadmill is equipped with an LED & LCD that monitors its speed, time, calories, and distance. These functions become more helpful while using this best treadmill.


When you decided to buy a Sparnod fitness treadmill, make sure your weight should less than 105 Kg. Because while running on a treadmill, your body weight will reach up to 130 Kg.

Let’s understand with an example; if your weight is 100 Kg, then this will around 125Kg while running on the treadmill. So we suggest you choose it, but either your weight is 105 Kg or less than.

This super cool treadmill comes with a powerful 2.75 DC motor. It will boost your fitness journey. Another feature is easy to fold and put easy to store in your bedroom to save more space.

Last but not least, the Spornod fitness treadmill is users friendly tool that can reach your exercise level on the rock with the help of its 5.5 HP peak motor.

  • High power 5.5 peak DC Motor
  • The sleek, portable exact functionality
  • Super cool design & users friendly
  • Lite weighted just 45Kg & easy to move
  • Perfect fitness tool for a diabetic person
  • No vibration & silent motor during running
  • The best treadmill on this list at under 35,000
  •  Check it properly while you receive it

#4. Fitkit motorized treadmill (FT200 series)

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If you want ever being rich so work with a rich mindset. Similarly, if you maintain your health and get the best fitness level, so focus on the best fitness tool such as the Fitkit FT200 motorized treadmill.

It comes with good features as well as better performance that make easy your fitness journey. Fitkit motorized treadmill comes under Rs 35,000 in India.

best treadmill under 25,000 for India - Fitkit Motorized treadmill (FT100S series) 1.75HP (3.25 HP peak)

This is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and that compatible with the smart treadmill by voice commands.

Let’s ask Alexa! “how many steps I had taken today.” This voice command feature saves your unnecessary time and effort.

Key Features:

  • User’s weight: 110Kg
  • Speaker: Hi-Fi speaker
  • Filter app connectivity
  • AUX port, USB available
  • Bottle holder or iPad/Tab
  • Hydraulic soft drop system
  • Transporting wheels available

FitKit FT 200 series comes with wheels for moving the treadmill.


Fitkit FT 200 comes with 3 years of frame warranty & 1-year of its motor manufacture warranty. This Fitkit Motorized treadmill comes in a superb DC motor of 2.25 HP.

If you want high-intense running, a 4.5 HP peak motor is enough. It can reach up to 1-16 Km/h high-speed with 1 to 15% of auto incline deck.

It comes with some amazing features such as 12 pre-set workout programs, 3 target base modules, auto lubrication, a cooling fan, a massager, and sit-up bars.

It’s easy to install, and for more information, you can read the manual that comes with this treadmill.

  • Filter app connectivity
  • Assembled within 60 minutes
  • Speakers in the console are loud enough
  • Hydraulic soft drop system available to take less space
  • Price can be a concern
  • Sometimes motor can be vibrating

Best Treadmill in India Under Rs 30000

#5. Durafit strong surge foldable motorized treadmill 2.0 HP ( 4HP peak)

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Durafit motorized treadmill design to keeping in mind the users of India. Thus, it comes under Rs 30,000.

The treadmill’s core mesh copper technology ensures the motor consumes less electricity. It has zero motor noise during use.

Durafit strong foldable motorised treadmill 2.0 HP ( 4HP peak)

This is a heavy-duty, better feature and a good budget treadmill. The frame is fully made up of steel alloy; hence, It is a user-friendly treadmill in india.

Key Features:

  • Machine’s weight: 46 kg
  • Heart rate monitor sensor
  • Max weight: 90 Kg to 120 Kg
  • Motor: 2.0 HP DC | ( peak 4.0HP)
  • Wide LED display: Time, Speed, distance, colored
  • Warranty: 1-year on parts, 3 years on Motor, and 5 years on frame
  • Safety keys: Emergency stop key, smooth stop system
  • Inbox contents: 1 toolkit, 1 lubrication, 1 safety key, 1 AUX cable

The hydraulic soft drop system fold & unfolds it within a second. Therefore, It takes a small place to be stored.


Now let’s talk about the exclusive key points. It contains 3 levels of manual inclination, the range of speed 1- 14 km/h, and 15% inclination.

There is the best music system install on this treadmill that contains 2 powerful loudspeakers. You can easily connect your phone with this music system.

Another good feature for maintaining your health with the help of heart rate sensors. The heart rate sensors provide an accurate real-time rating for you.

This treadmill is 90% Pre-installed and can be installed within 25 minutes.

  • Pre-set programs: 24 
  • Easy install & 90% pre-installed
  • Better MP3 player with loudspeakers
  • Maximum weight support 120 kg while walking
  • At high speed (11 to 14 Km/h) motor can be a little noisy 
  • Easy to move any part of your house because of easy wheels installed
  • Using for long hours belt can be heated up

#6. Maxpro PTM 405 2HP (4HP) Motorized treadmill

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Are you worried about your fitness? In fact, taken some steps but unable to go to the gym. Here we present the Max Pro PTM 405 2HP folding treadmill that allowed you to exercise at home.

best treadmill under 35000 - Maxpro PTM 405 2HP (4HP) Motorised treadmill

This treadmill is fully designed to solve your daily fitness challenges such as motion sensors, heart pulse sensors, etc.

Therefore, it will train you as a gym trainer and qualifies as the best treadmill in India for home use under Rs 30,000. You can set its speed in kilometers and go on a high-intensity exercise level for rigorous exercise for your convenience.

It helps to grow your lower body muscles. Similarly, you can see below the key features that make your fitness journey easy.

Key Features:

  • Speed: 1-14 km/hr
  • Your max weight: 110kg
  • Machine’s weight: 47Kg
  • LED Display: 5″ bright blue
  • Running area: L×W: 115×42 cm
  • Motor: 2HP (peak 4HP) DC quite
  • Safety key: safety key for speed
  • Hydraulic system: Soft drop folded
  • Inclination: 3 level manual inclination

Firstly, you need to understand its highlights, advantages, and disadvantages to compare India’s best treadmill brands.


This machine features a multi-layer running belt that prevents sudden shock, joint pain, and other lower body parts.

The sudden stop plug is one of the top features that save you from accidental injuries. The 47 kg lite weighted treadmill is easy to move anywhere by wheels. It also features a mobile and tablet holder that you can use during the exercise.

Maxpro PTM treadmill comes equipped with AUX / USB ports that easy to listen to music during exercise.

This fitness tool requires the 4 Kva stabilizer to protect the motor due to unnecessary fluctuations in a couple of years. The treadmill comes with a lifetime frame warranty, one-year motor and other parts warranty.

Max Pro PTM treadmill comes at 90% assembled state. For 10%, you can easily assemble it. During the installation, It takes 25 to 30 minutes. In fact, no technician is required.

  • Budget-friendly 
  • No need to require installation
  • A noiseless motor at high speed
  • Best for weight between 75 to 95Kg person
  • Installation + other support is available, you can contact +91 822 0209 111
  •  Its surface size can be as small as your expectation
  •  Make sure to check the service centre near your city
  •  The motor can create issues if you haven’t used a stabilizer

#7. Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized treadmill

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Now let’s talk about a budget-friendly product on this list. Cockatoo treadmill has some best useful features like manual inclination. This treadmill comes under Rs 30,000 in India.

best treadmill under 30,000 in India - Cockatoo Velocity Steel DC Motorized treadmill

You can adjust its incline manually for growing your lower muscles and optimize your workout. In this activity, your lower body completely grows with the help of a manual incline.

Key Features:

  • Multi-colour
  • Soft drop folding
  • Max User Weight: 100kg
  • LED Display: 5″ bright blue
  • Heart’s Pulse rate monitor
  • Connectivity: AUX & USB input
  • Running area: L×W: 41×15 inches
  • 3 levels without motor inclination

Cockatoo treadmill features independent CPU technology. The high-performance CPU ensures all devices function easy to operate. It operates a 12 programs reset workout, and all exclusive features, which are given below.


This treadmill features a 1.25 HP DC motor with a 12 km/h top speed. The advantage to set the belt for motion and no strain in your anklet while running on the treadmill.

The Cockatoo treadmill is important for those who really conscious about their fitness. For a high-intensity workout, its 2.5HP peak motor good for you.

Besides, It comes 90% assembled state with 3 Year Warranty of Motor, 1 Year warranty of parts, and Lifetime Frame Warranty.

Running outside can be tough and increase the chances of joint issues due to hard surfaces.

But when you run on the treadmill, it has the capability to maintain joint issues because of the Shock-absorbing deck, 1.5 Ft belts with 5 layers of thickness.

  • Heart rate sensors
  • Folded by wheels
  • The maximum speed is 12 Km/h
  • Lite weight because body made by fibre
  • Easy to install by a reading of the manual
  • Blue illuminated console display for all instructions
  • Belt space is average
  • Speakers can create some issues
  • Use a stabilizer for proper voltages

Best Treadmill in India Under Rs 25000

#8. Fitkit FT100S Plus Series 1.75HP Motorized Treadmill

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Fitkit is one of the favourites and popular fitness tools manufacturing industry. FitKit treadmill is mostly founded in gyms and health clubs.

Its price is so affordable with all the features and comes under Rs 25,000.

Fitkit Motorized treadmill (FT100S series) 1.75HP (3.25 HP peak)

It has one beautiful feature that is compatible with Amazon Alexa. It is easy to operate with the help of Amazon Alexa.

For example, you can say Alexa Start Fitkit treadmill; similarly, you can ask “Alexa”, “how was my performance last week”.

In fact, You can also ask for diets, for example, Alexa, “what should I eat for lunch” or “what should I eat for dinner.” All the powerful and useful features present here. Therefore, it is suitable in the list of our best treadmill in India

Key Features:

  • Speed: 0.8-14 km/hr
  • LED Display: bright blue
  • Hydraulic soft drop system
  • Shock absorbing running
  • Program: 12 pre-set workout
  • Connectivity: AUX & USB input
  • Motor: 1.75HP (peak 3.25 HP) DC

The maximum user’s weight is 110 kg. When you start running, your weight will reach more than your normal weight if your normal weight is 80 kg. After that, your weight can reach 100 kg.


This treadmill is equipped with an anti-skid comfortable running track that Length x breadth is 1220×420mm. Whenever it doesn’t use, you can fold it.

Additionally, the heart rate monitor detects the pulses of your heart while running on the track. It helps you to stay focus on the target.

You can connect to the Fitkit treadmill app. It helps to detect your daily efforts, burning calories, and how many kilometers you have run.

It comes with a good warranty such as 1 Year on Motor, 3 Years on Frame and 1 year on labor.

There are some training videos in this app, like a diet chart for a nutrition plan through our chat support.

  • Budget-friendly treadmill 
  • Fit plus trainer app for training 
  • Frame made of steel & an iron alloy
  • Most recommended by fitness experts
  • Easily connected with Fit plus application
  • Compatible for user’s weight between 95 to 110 Kg
  • The lubricant is manual  
  • Sometimes the motor can vibrate if the delay in maintenance

Best Treadmill in India Under Rs 20000

#9. Powermax fitness motorized treadmill (TDM-98) 1.75HP (3.5HP peak)

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When you don’t have enough time for fitness, This fitness machine will encourage and motivate you to exercise.

It has a foldable function with a good design that gives your home a better look. No budgetary issue for this treadmill; thus become the best treadmill comes under Rs 20,000 in India.

best treadmill under 20,000 - Powermax fitness motorized treadmill (TDM-98) 1.75HP (3.5HP peak)

This Powermax motorized treadmill has exciting features that make easy your health journey.

The user’s weight capacity for this treadmill is 90kg. But we always recommend more than 20kg of the user’s weight. For example, if your weight is 70 kg or 80 to 90Kg is suitable for this treadmill.

Key Features:

  • Speed: 1-10 km/h
  • Display: 5.5 inches LED
  • Speaker: Hi-Fi speakers
  • Motor: 1.75 HP DC motor
  • Track: L×W: 43.5 × 15.7 inches
  • Heart pulses sensor available
  • Input power supply: 240 +10Ah

The anti-skid running belt is just 1.8 mm thick and made from a multi-ply polyester fibre material with a 6-layer.


This belt supports the 6 ply polyester boards and will prevent you from sudden accidents. The board provides a slightly bouncy surface and reduces the impact of joints pressure.

Powermax TDM-98 treadmill comes with an auto-stop safety function. Let’s suppose! You are walking on the treadmill, and suddenly, you drift/fall on the treadmill. So the auto-stop detects you by motion sensors and reduces the high risk of injuries.

The shock absorber has cast Steel resistance and a jumping system of 6 ply running board to reduce stress from your joints.

It has an easy wheel transportation system that easy to move your treadmill anywhere and comes with 90% pre-installed. The level of warranty is Lifetime Frame, 3-Years Motor, and 1-Year of Parts & Labor Warranty.

  • Best in the price
  • Auto-stop safety function
  • Good for avoiding knee pains
  • Beautiful design for your home
  • Its speakers are of good quality
  • While run for 45 minutes takes 15 minutes to break
  • No inclination option
  • Fast running can create issues

#10. Healthgenie 3911m 1HP (2.5HP peak) Motorized treadmill

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Now let’s talk about the best pricing treadmill of India comes under Rs 20,000. If someone is health or price-conscious, they can choose this Healthgenie 3911 m fitness tool.

Healthgenie 3911m 1HP (2.5HP peak) Motorised treadmill - best treadmill in india

This is one of the affordable treadmills on this list. For getting to know the exciting prices, click to view at Amazon.

Now let’s talk about their features and some other highlights. Basically, the Healthgenie treadmill has a 4.6 customer reviews rating in India.

All beautiful features are given below.

Key Features:

  • Maxi User Weight: 100 Kg
  • Speed: 1 – 10 km/hr
  • Machine’s weight: 36Kg
  • Multilayers running belt
  • Heart’s Pulse rate sensors
  • iPad, Mobile & Tablet holder
  • Program: 12 pre-set workout
  • Display: Red LED screen display
  • Motor: DC quite motor 1 – 2.5 HP
  • Running track: L×W: 43×15 inches
  • Safety key: safety key for speed or accidents


The heart pulse rate monitor of this treadmill monitors and control your heart rates if you feel your heartbeat getting hard during exercise.

Having a musical system & AUX slots would be easy to listen to music while running on the treadmill.

It is easy to fold and move anywhere by wheels while cleaning the floor. Hence, the wheels made easy the movement of the treadmill from one place to another.

It comes with a 90% pre-installed state, and the rest of the 10% takes 25 to 30 minutes, as well as no technician required.

It comes with a 1-year warranty of motor, parts, labour and 3 years warranty of treadmill frame.

  • Reasonable price
  • Lite weighted & easy to install
  • The best tool for burning more calories
  • Compatible with 85 to 100 Kg user weight
  • The customer support number is 011 483 23232
  • The best treadmill for those who begin their fitness journey
  • There is no inclination
  • Make sure the service centre near you
  • The motor can be noticeable if not well maintained

#11. Lifelong Fit Pro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill (2.5 HP Peak)

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Sometimes you think about a treadmill, but not select maybe some budgetary issues. This lifelong Fit-Pro LLTM09 treadmill solves budgetary problems because it comes under Rs 20,000 in India.

best treadmill under 15,000 - Lifelong Fit-Pro LLTM09 (2.5 HP peak) motorized treadmill

It has better features as compared to luxury treadmills. Fit Pro life-long comes with 12 preset workout programs.

It is easy to foldable fitness device having wheels for better mobility.

Key Features:

  • Maximum User Weight: 90kg
  • Speed: 1 – 10 km/hr
  • Machine’s weight: 31Kg
  • Track: L×W: 1330×615 mm
  • Heart’s Pulse rate sensors
  • Display: LED screen display
  • iPad, Mobile, and Tablet holder
  • Suggestion: 1000VA stabilizer use
  • AUX or USB connector for Speaker, MP3, or other devices
  • Safety keys: can suddenly stop & safe from accidental injuries
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Frame, 3-Year on the motor, 1-Year on Parts & Labour

Lifelong Fit-Pro treadmill gives you better results in your starting fitness journey because it comprises iron alloy and steel elements. Therefore, it is fully reasonable in the list of our best treadmill in India

The 2.5 horsepower motor gives a better performance during Exercise. Fit-Pro Motor can go on the peak of high-intensity workout. Its deck and running belt design with anti-slip lawn texture and 8 rubber pads for the shock absorber that is most suitable for users.

It is a 90° Manual drop-down folded machine that takes less space for storage. All the smart features already mentioned above. There is a free customer assistance service available. You can make a call or contact +9197 1155 8877.

  • Lite weight treadmill  
  • Comes on the budget  
  • The lowest price on this list  
  • Best for diabetic patients & obese
  • Good for those to begin their fitness journey
  • During the HIIT workout, the motor can vibrate  
  • No inclination for the hydraulic drop-down system

Best Manual Treadmill in India Under Rs 15000

#12. PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill

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Do you think a single machine can fulfill the requirement of multi-purpose exercises?

So let’s come to the solution!

MFT-410 four-in-1 multi-function manual treadmill is specially designed for you. It acts as users’ feat opposite the deck moves the belt.

When you walk and run on this treadmill, its belt also moves, and the result found better lower muscles. Generally, this treadmill requires extra effort and better results. MFT-410 is the best manual treadmill in India that comes under Rs 15,000.

PowerMax Fitness MFT-410 Manual Treadmill

This is an amazing tool for those who desire to maintain their fitness lifestyle. It has a push-ups bar detection that helps for growing their chest in proper shape.

Would you like to feel running on the hill but no hilly area nearby you. This multi-purpose treadmill holds up to 3 levels of manual incline. Once you set 3 level incline, then enjoy your running or jogging like on the hill.

Key features

  • Display: LED display
  • Max User Weight: 120Kg
  • Track LxW: 45x 13 inches
  • Machine’s weight: 40Kg
  • Frame metal: Alloy steel
  • Running belt: Bubble Etch
  • Foldable with manual lock
  • Program: 4 target based modules
  • Heart pulse rate sensor on the handrail
  • Multi-function: 4-in-1, Joggers, stepper, Twister, and pushup bar
  • Warranty: Lifetime of the frame, 1-year part, and labor warranty

MFT-410 multi-purpose treadmill has a display that contains 5-micro monitors such a speed, timing, distance, calories, and heart rate.

It is better to pace and motion control by its speed. Running on the treadmill will be beneficial for cardiovascular disease (reduce heart pressure).

Most of the treadmill helps in joint pain relaxation at the time of exercise. Without any doubt, when you exercise on this treadmill, it will increase your muscle strength, burn extra calories, and losing weight faster. Also, easy to store and fold anywhere in your home.

Last but not least, this MFT-410 manual treadmill is the lowest price in India.

  • No require for electricity
  • Easy to use & run smoothly
  • Foldable, movable, & easy to store
  • Build lower muscle faster than others
  • 4-in-1 multi-function manual treadmill
  • No require electricity as well as save money
  •  No motor present
  •  Much noisy during the exercise

Best Treadmill Brands India


PowerMax is the fitness equipment manufacturing industry. They are passionate about their fitness products. Most of the health clubs or gyms recommend Powermax treadmills.

Its head office is situated in Mumbai. So this is the most popular treadmill brand in Mumbai.

Its distribution network available in Pune, Nasik, Goa, and some other cities in India. It is a popular brand in Indian gyms.

Powermax provides a good support system, better quality as well as, encourages users to exercise. They design their treadmills for customer satisfaction and comfortability. Therefore, the treadmill brand comes first in our list of the best treadmill in india


Fitkit is a health and fitness products manufacturing brand. It has built innovative multipurpose fitness tools.

This company manufactures the best level of treadmills in India. It is reliable, users compatible, energize and motivate during exercise.

This is also a popular fitness brand most found in health clubs, gyms, homes as well. Its headquarter situated in Raipur, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.


One of the market-leading fitness tools and accessories manufacturing companies. They are specialized in-home fitness tools and designed to focus on home users.

Durafit distribution network across India. They provide better network service, product durability, safety, quality, and best design based upon users’ experience.

If you want to contact them for any query, send a mail to [email protected].


This is India’s top leading Health care product manufacturer and supplier brand. Its head office was founded in New Delhi in 2011.

Thus, they launched their Healthgenie website for customers’ convenience. You can see more health care products such as baby care, beauty care, nutritional and fitness devices, etc.


Cockatoo India is a 2 brothers’ company (Anand brothers). They founded in 1981, therefore one of the oldest sports and health products manufacturers.

Anand group also deals in tennis rackets and roller skates that come in the brand name of Guru. Cockatoo is mainly designed for high-quality sports and fitness products such as treadmills and other gym tools.

They have a better sales team which can resolve your issues after products. You can contact + 9178 1437 0989 & email on [email protected].

Buying Guide – Best treadmill in India

I must say, choosing the best treadmill in India depends on your decision. In fact, every treadmill company provides you with good information.

The buying guide is so helpful to choose the best treadmill available in India. Firstly, Set up your budget and grab all the information, then go for purchase.

Multiple treadmills in a Gym - Treadmill buying guide

Secondly, you need to understand “Why should you buy a treadmill online”? We know it’s a huge analysis, but don’t worry, We are here to make it easy for you.

Below in the sections, we have covered the most important things such as:

  • Purpose of Treadmill
  • Types of Treadmill
  • Motors of Treadmill
  • Make sure energy consumption feature available
  • User’s weight, Height & Track capacity
  • Treadmill repair/Maintenance/ Warranty
  • What is a hydraulic soft drop system & how it works?
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Treadmill durability
  • Safety & price

Read all the features very carefully because it will give you 95% satisfaction. So read till the end.

Why should I buy online in India?

First of all, this is one of the most important questions to ask, not only for you, in fact, for all internet users. So let’s understand why?

The first thing online consumers are growing. According to the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) latest report (August-2020), in India, 760 million Indian populations are using the internet, and 456 million Indians are purchase products online.

Let’s understand why you should purchase the best treadmill online?

When you go to the store to select the best treadmill in India, there is no preview by their shop owner/salesperson who describes the treadmill. But You have a better option online to see buyer’s guides and user reviews.

Offline offers and discounts are only available on festivals or occasions. To get more information on why online shopping is better than offline.

The customer contact support system is very flexible. You can easily contact by email, phone number, including other options.

All these benefits of a treadmill are helpful before buying online, no need to go anywhere.

With all these great things, why should you not go online for the best treadmill?

Purpose of Treadmill

Basically, the purpose should have clear in your mind.

Is your requirement running, walking, and jogging?

Without the right information, you purchase a treadmill that will not be 100% satisfied! If you want to use it for running. Find out your body weight, size, and structure to choose the right treadmill.

Make sure the treadmill you are selecting that user’s weight capacity more than your body weight.

For example, your body weight 75 kg, the machine’s user weight capacity should be +95 kg, and a 2.5HP or more HP motor is enough.

  • Joggers can use a 1.5 HP treadmill.
  • All the information you gather will increase your satisfaction level.
  • Walker can use a 1 HP motor treadmill.

Treadmill Types for You in India

When you talk about the treadmill, you should know its types.

These types will clarify you while choosing the better one. There are so many types, but we describe 3 major ones based on their shape, size, and specifications.

Manual Treadmill

There is no motor available on this treadmill. It founds mostly in old gyms and some parks.

Manual treadmill - types of treadmill

The advantage of this treadmill is no need for electricity. When you run and walk on this treadmill, it feels like you are trying to put in a lot of effort.

If you are overweight, then this manual treadmill is good for you to reduce body fat. Now let’s have a look at some points below.

  1. There is no motor on this treadmill, so forget about the electricity bill & be happy.
  2. It is budget-friendly, takes less place, & nature’s friendly.
  3. Fully made up of iron, steel metals.
  4. Long-life heavy durability.

Folding Treadmill

As the name describes everything. A folding treadmill can easily fold after the complete workout and save your room/ hall space.

Folding treadmill - types of treadmill

It comes in both automatic hydraulic treadmill and manual folding. There is a yellow tube given in the hydraulic pipe that is the center of the treadmill board.

You can push the yellow tube by your leg. Then, it will drop down slowly.

If you haven’t any problem with the budget, then go for it. Otherwise, the second option is always there. Here are some powerful points that are given below.

  • It takes less space after folding.
  • A Manual folded treadmill less expensive rather than a hydraulic treadmill.
  • Fully comfortable with jogging/ walk.

Automatic motorized treadmill

The best treadmill comes with one of the latest technology.

It has a powerful motor, brightest display, compatible with Amazon Alexa, multi-layer belt (reduce the joint pain problem), hydraulic folding, heart pulses rating sensors, or more.

Automatic motorized treadmill - types of treadmill

If you haven’t the budgetary issue, you should get it and make your room a mini gym. For better convenience, read some points.

  • The motor comes in 1 HP, 2 HP, 2.5 HP, 3 HP & more.
  • 1 HP motor for walking or user weight less than 75 kg.
  • 2 HP motor for a walk, Jogg, and user weight less than 85kg.
  • 2.5 – 3 HP motor for a walk, jog, lite running, or user weight should be less than 90 kg.
  • 3 – 5 HP motor for hard and rough exercise or user weight less than 100 kg.

It has the best design, fully advanced features, and a multitasking fitness tool.

Motor of Treadmill

When we talk about the electrified treadmill, the first question that always comes in mind, about its motor. The motor is one of the important parts of the treadmills, like a human’s heart.

Second, its belt connects with the treadmill deck. When you walk on the treadmill for high-intensity exercise, it can go on peak mode.

Motor mainly depends on the user’s weight. Before buying, you can know your weight, size, motor’s high power, and features.

Below we have given some specific points that would clear your doubts.


1) 1 HP motor: for the walk: use weight less than 85 kg.
2) 2 HP motor: for jogging: user weight less than 95 kg.
3) 3 HP motor: for running: use weightless than 100 kg.
4) (4 – 5HP) motor for hard exercise: user weight 110 kg.

Make sure all the specifications you have to understand. Treadmill speed depends on its motor.

Make sure energy consumption feature available

Monitoring of electricity consumption feature is importantly found in majority motorized treadmill. This feature often monitors the motor power consumption level.

Some treadmill companies already design their motor to consume less electricity. Hence, confirm before decided to best one.

User’s weight, height & Treadmill capacity

Basically, height and weight depend on each other. Normal user weight is around 80 to 120 Kg. If you are in this category, a normal treadmill is good for you. Make sure the treadmill track’s length & width would be 55 to 60 inches.

If the user’s weight more than 120 kg, ensure the motor +3 HP or more horsepower, the length is +60 inches and width +20 inches.

What is inclination? (Short glance)

It has started with a treadmill 1% incline which means the treadmill deck is fully flat on the surface. As you lift to the treadmill deck at 1 to 15% incline, you feel like running on the hill.

On the other hand, its incline display as a percentage (%). As you increase the deck level (2 to 3), it means you adjust 2 to 3% incline. Auto incline features only doesn’t give extra effort.

Manual incline treadmill is less market price than auto incline. There are some wheels used in manual incline treadmills.

What is Pre-Set Program & Body Mass Index?

The pre-set program is well-defined 12 set exercises that provide different challenges for your fitness. You can calculate it in BMX (Body Mass Index) by using the fat and also track body condition.

There are some target-based modules, allow the setting of time, distance, and burning the calories.

Treadmill repair/ Maintenance / Warranty

When we talk about treadmill repairing, usually it depends on its types. For a manual treadmill, you don’t need to call the technician either you or family members also can repair it.

Motorized treadmills require a technician sometimes unless you face some big issues.

Here are the 5 major parts that you should keep maintaining properly.

  • The rollers.
  • Treadmill belt.
  • It’s a controller ( display / Fan).
  • Treadmill board ( it’s under belt area).
  • Motor ( covered under the protected house of a treadmill)

Suppose you maintain only these parts of the treadmill. You would not require any technician.

Treadmill’s warranty you can see in the key features of the products. Many companies give a lifetime frame warranty, 3 years of the motor, and 3 years of parts & technician.

Make sure to check the warranty first in the product’s key features before decided to purchase it.

What is a hydraulic soft drop system & how it works?

The hydraulic soft drop system is a feature that is mostly found in motorized treadmills. This system helps to drop down to the treadmill board from high to low stage, with a hydraulic small pipe. It helps those who face a lack of space problem.

Generally, it saves unnecessary effort while unfolding a motorized treadmill. Unfortunately, it doesn’t found on a manual treadmill. In that case, it requires more effort to unfold the treadmill.

While using the hydraulic, push the yellow portion that is the center of the pipe. Usually, the yellow portion work as a button for the treadmill drop-down system. Within a few seconds, the treadmill deck gets down and ready to use.

Heart rate monitor

There are 2 programs available on the motorized treadmill. Firstly, the heart rate monitor and the second one is the heart rate controller.

The heart rate monitor is only monitoring the user’s heartbeats and gives some indications on display. All these activities are detected by the sensors that connect to the user’s pulse rate.

Although, the heart rate controller depends on the incline and speed of the treadmill. It can change the level of incline or speed base upon users’ heart rate.

This is an effortless way to control the heartbeat during exercise on the treadmill.

Treadmill Durability

The durability of the treadmill plays a major role in a long life. Although, Some of the brands focus on obtaining the best product.

For your satisfaction, you can see the product key features such as belt layers, frame metal, roller, lubrication process, warranty, etc.

Branded companies are constantly working on upgrading their treadmill durability. You can recheck treadmill features, advantages, and disadvantages.

It will 90% ensured to take the better decision for choosing the best durable treadmill.

Treadmill Safety & Prices

Generally, Treadmill Safety views depend on you. Its safety feature is so helpful for users. Before deciding the right one take some precautions.

  • You should know where are the emergency buttons in the treadmill. During urgency, it would be so helpful for you.
  • Don’t take the moving treadmill lightly; if you are stepping out from the moving treadmill, it can be dangerous.
  • Make sure the treadmill should be in good condition. Before starting the exercise, rechecks it, especially its belt not being loose; Otherwise, it can be injured you.
  • On the treadmill’s display, you can see some safety buttons. Check all the buttons’ functions properly before starting the exercise.
  • Amazing hidden power switches are given on this treadmill. Whether you feel or see the treadmill is going uncontrol, don’t be panic. Do one thing, off the main switch button and unplug the wire.

These situations can happen to you if you haven’t checked the safety guide or purchase a cheap quality treadmill.

We have covered the significant treadmill features such as prices or more in this article. Just go on the products list and check the price.

We have covered a treadmill under Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 in the treadmill product list.

If you really want to choose the best treadmill in India with the best safety features, prefer to above Rs 25,000 of the treadmill.

Make sure energy consumption feature available

Best Treadmill in India – Frequently Asked Questions?

8 Frequently Asked Questions? - best treadmill in india

This section covers most asking questions around best treadmill in India, and we ensure these questions will clear your doubts.

Why should I exercise on the treadmill, even I can Walk and Run outside?

This is most asking questions, and the majority of the person knows. But in this pandemic, you have to take precautions and keep continue social distance.

If you are time conscious, then develop a habit of exercise on the treadmill because walking/ jogging /running outside takes a long time.

When you jog /run outside, there is much noise pollution, dirt pollution, or other atmospheric pollution, especially in metropolitan cities.

Do one thing, fixed your treadmill at the balcony where you can clearly see mini-park/colony-park/ society’s park instead of outside exercise.

Is it good to exercise on the treadmill every day?

Everyday exercise is good for you. In fact, doctors recommend you do a workout every day to maintain your metabolism.

Make sure you don’t exercise for more than 30 minutes on the treadmill. You can test yourself when you exercise. After 20 minutes later, it would increase your focus and immunity.

Can Treadmill Run on the Home inverter?

Nowadays, the treadmill can run on the home inverter technology, but make sure, whatever inverter at your home that’s power backup should be capable. At least it should more than 120Ah battery capacity.

Can treadmill reduce belly fat?

Obviously, it can if you developed a habit of daily exercise on the treadmill.

According to the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) AB study report of 2019, 150 million of the Indian population is affected by obesity.

When you run, walk and jog for 20 minutes in a day, and properly follow it, till 50 to 60 days. It will definitely reduce belly fat. Make sure, to be honest with yourself.

Should I turn off the treadmill when not in use?

The short answer is yes! You should and unplug the wire from the switchboard, After the completion of the exercise. This habit will save your electricity bill.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose you forget to unplug the wire. Maybe some electricity fluctuations damage the treadmill or its motor.

Instead of doing silliness, do one thing switch off the treadmill after completion of the exercise.

How can we fix some treadmill common issues?

Whenever you start daily exercise, check the treadmill’s functions if you find out an issue and do not resolve it.
You can call the technician as soon as possible otherwise, go on youtube or Google, read some of the blogs, and fixed it.

Is exercise on the treadmill dangerous?

Life is all about balance, and everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, the treadmill can be a dangerous fitness tool if you exercise without precautions. So your safety is in your hand. In fact, you can read treadmill safety tips.

If the user weighs between 90 to 120 kg, then what kind of treadmill best for me?

It all depends on your budget, interest, color, etc. There are so many treadmills available online, for example:

Treadmills | User weight Below

Powermax TDA-125 —— (115kg)
Fitkit FT200 —– (110kg)
Durafit strong foldable — (90 – 120kg)

Which treadmill is better, AC and DC?

Basically, AC (Alternating Current) motors consume more electricity used in commercial treadmills such as big health clubs, gyms, and gym building events.

DC (Direct Current) motors are good for treadmills at home use. Make sure the treadmill should be at least 12 months of warranty. Now, it depends on your requirements, what types of treadmill perfect for you.

Conclusion! Best treadmill in India

Finally, we have reached last but no least. This article covers all the queries that mostly face you when buying the best treadmill in India. In fact, we keep in mind a reasonable to high budget like under 15,000 to 45,000.

By the way, all these 12 treadmills in India are the best. However, our most recommended is
1. Powermax motorized (TDA-125) treadmill
2. Sparnod STH-3300 (5.5 HP Peak) Automatic Treadmill
3. Maxpro PTM 405 Motorized treadmill

Now we have written down all particular points around the best treadmill in India. Still, you haven’t the actual solution (related treadmill problems).

You can comment us; Our team tries to solve your problem and give you the best solution. If you think this article really helps you and wants to keep some suggestions, then comment on and follow our Facebook page, Twitter handles & Linkedin page.

Now you can tell us, What do you think about the best treadmill in India. Is it beneficial for you? If yes, then share with your loving people. Otherwise, can you comment us?

Thanks for giving your valuable time. Your likes, Sharing, and comments are our motivation!

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