11 Best Water Purifiers in India (March 2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Are you Finding the best Water Purifiers in India? If yes, then you have definitely come to the correct place.

Best Water Purifiers in India  - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

Here we will tell you the 11 best water purifiers in India for your home that will really feel delighted you & your family. Along with the Advantage & Disadvantages of each product with their unique features and highlighted points.

Not only this, but we have also discussed the different water purification technology that will serve you fresh & clean water forever. Additionally, the buyer’s guide will help you make purchasing decisions smartly.

And the overview of the questions that usually frequently asked by the user or customer of water purifier.

We highly recommend you read the Buyer’s Guide for Water Purifier that will definitely help you to get in detailed knowledge and take better decisions.

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Best Water Purifiers in India 2021

1. Kent – 11076 New Grand 8-Litres RO + UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier

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Kent is the only brand that came first with its RO water purifiers in the Indian market. It is one of the most trusted and largest selling RO water purifiers in India.

  • Multi-stage purification
  • RO + UV + UF + TDS Technology
  • storage tank:-Food grade plastic
  • Power consumption only 60-watt
  • TDS can be used up to 2500ppm
  • Capacity 8 liters
  • Water-saving mode
  • 1-year warranty + 3-years free service

Kent 11076 New Grand comes with 8 liters of storage tank capacity. Similarly, it has 20 liters purify capacity per hour that is sufficient enough to continuously supply purified water for the Large family.


Kent New Grand water purifier can effectively remove dissolved impurities like arsenic, rust, pesticides and destroy harmful viruses and bacteria. With multi-stage purification of RO, UV, and UF technology to ensures 100% safe and healthy water supply.

The Purification of any kind of water source such as tap water, municipal water, Borewell water is possible with the help of RO+UV+UF technology.

RO+UV+UF technology purifies the harmful contaminants from the water. But it also removes the natural minerals presented in the water.

So the TDS controller retains essential natural minerals in drinking water that removed during the RO purification process.

Usually, an RO water purifier wastes too much water for example it purifies only 1 liter in 3 liters of water supply. But don’t worry, Kent comes with a Save Water Technology feature that reduces water wastage in which very little water is wasted.

It features a water level indicator sensor for tracking the purified water available in the water purifier storage tank. So that whenever the purified water level decreases in the storage tank, you can switch on the machine.

Now you don’t need to worry about after-sales service. Because Kent has more than 1500 service centers across the country with dedicated and trained technicians to provide you complete satisfaction.

Finally this transparent Wall-mounted design Kent Grand water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India under Rs 15000 for home & office use.

  • Multi-stage purification of RO, UV, and UF technology
  • Removes harmful dissolved impurities
  • Save water technology
  • Good storage & purification capacity
  • Satisfactory after-sales service
  • The large storage tank of 8 liters
  • Purify all input water sources
  • Bit High price

2. Havells Max 8-liters RO+UV+Mineralizer Water Purifier

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Havells is the only brand in the electric appliances market that grows itself as a good range of water with 100% R.O & UV purification, despite a very short time. The brand is counted as the best brands of water purifiers in India.

 Havells max RO+UV water purifier

Hevells max R.O + U.V Water Purifier comes with a lot of functions such as R.O+U.V mineralizer, revitalizer, and its excellent design. It enhances the beauty of your kitchen and its high 8-Litre storage tank making it ideal.

Key Features

  • RO + UV technology.
  • Mineralizer function.
  • Magnificent design.
  • 8-liters of the big storage tank.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Storage tank made up of food-grade plastic.
  • Used TDS up to 2000 ppm.

It comes with a stylish design that is suitable if you haven’t enough space in your kitchen. Because it can easily place in your kitchen’s any corner. 


This water purification features a 7 stage purification system that is efficient enough to remove any dissolved impurities and harmful viruses and bacteria with the help of RO and UV technology.

It can purify any input water source such as tap water, municipal supply water and Borewell water.

RO technology is the only technology in the market that only capable to destroy dissolved toxic substances from water.

But the technology has one bad side as well that during purification it removes essential natural minerals in the water. As a result, it creates many health issues.

But this Kent Max comes with a wonderful solution to this problem that is mineralizer. This Mineralizer re-adds the necessary natural minerals in the water.

Not only that but, it also maintains the PH value of the water that retains vital minerals and improves the taste and quality of purified water.

Now you can easily monitor the water purification process because it comes with an intelligent iProtect function that ensures to purify water without any mistake.

This water purification system requires few electricity consumptions. Hence, it works with a voltage range of only 220V- 240V & 50 Hz.

Usually, all RO water purifiers wastewater during the water purification process, including this HAVELLS water purifier. So it is Advice by the Havells that, you can use the wastewater for washing Utensils, clothes, in the garden and showering, etc.

  • 7 stage purification system
  • Electrical protection system
  • Intelligent iProtect function for monitoring the water purification process
  • Mineralizer for re-adding essential natural minerals of the water
  • High price

3.  AO Smith Plastic Z8 Green 10-Litre RO Water Purifier with SCMT + HOT

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A.O Smith Z8 R.O Water purifier is one of the best water purifiers not in India but also in the world. This repetitive world-class brand is available in India with its advanced technology. It is India’s first Green R.O water purifier.

A.O Smith Z8 pro water purifier - Best Water Purifiers in India

This AO Smith Plastic Z8 Green RO Water Purifier comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty along with its Filter and RO Membrane.

Key Features

  • Advance RO+SCMT 7 stage of the purification method.
  • Advance alert system.
  • It can clean all types of water.
  • Purified Hot water feature.
  • 10 liters Big storage capacity.
  • 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty.

Normally RO water purifier wastes much water than any other technology. 

But Due to the innovative advanced recovery technology, this Green A.O Smith Z8 water purifier ensures that the wastage of water is less, during the water purification process.


This water purifier features 7 Stages of RO+SCMT (sliver charge membrane technology) purification system in which 100% water passes through 7 stages that fully purified the water.

Then this RO purified water is next purified by SCMT (silver charged membrane technology).

The biggest problem with the RO technology is it removes the natural essential minerals available in the water.

But this GREEN RO water purifier effectively handles the problem with min-tech mineralizer technology. This technology restores the natural mineral in the water and maintains the pH value of the water. This is why it ensures 100% fresh and healthy drinking water.

It is capable of saving 2 times more water as compare to the normal R.O water purifier. Along with that, it provides purified hot water at 2 types of temperatures such as 45°C and 80°C with only just a press of a button.

Due to the 7 Stages of RO+SCMT technology, it is capable of removing different viruses, bacteria, and dissolved toxins from the water. Where the source of water in your area be like municipal water, groundwater, tap water, etc.

To sum up, this AO Smith Plastic Z8 water purifier comes up with a 10-liter big storage tank that makes it the best water purifier in India for home and office use.  

  • With the RO+SCMT 7 stage of the purification process
  • India’s first RO with night assistance
  • 1-year warranty with filter and RO membrane
  • Double purified protection with RO+SCMT technology
  • Saves 2 times more water as compared to the normal R.O
  • Provides purified hot water at 45°C and 80°C temperatures
  • Bit high price as compare to others.

4. HUL Pureit copper + mineral RO+UV+MF water purifier

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It has been said that water storing in a copper vessel works as a purification process.

Ayurveda also suggests that water stores in any copper vessel have the ability to balance all the three doshas in the human body such as Vata, Kapha, and pitta. It is positively charging the water.

Therefore, the HUL Pureit water purifier specially designed to implement the same principle in its water purification. 

HUL Pureit copper + mineral RO+UV+MF water purifier

HUL Purified Water Purifier now comes up with copper + Mineral RO that is a RO water purifier used to add the goodness of copper in 100% RO Purified water.

Key Features

  • Attractive body design.
  • RO + UV + MF Minerals.
  • 8 liters capacity.
  • Food grade engineered plastic Storage tank.
  • Can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • Charges RO water with 99.8% pure copper.
  • 7 stages of the purification process.

HUL Pureit Water purifier is smart enough to auto cleaning the copper to ensuring fresh copper infusion at all times.


The appliance uses 7 stage- purification processes such as a pre-sediment filter that helps in removing large impurities such as dissolved toxins, suspended solids, etc.

The pre-RO carbon filter helps in cleaning water, removing bad odor, and organic contaminants. Mesh filter to trap the pollutant materials.

RO membrane filter ensures to remove heavy metal impurities.

UV reactor to remove viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms by UV light.

Post-RO carbon filter that increases the taste of water.

Microfilter membrane that purifying harmful Bacteria, viruses, etc.

So the 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification process purifies water. And its unique Copper Charge advance Technology charges water with 99.8 % pure copper and its goodness.

With the help of the dual water dispensing option of this water purification machine. You can easily get Pure and Copper charge RO water that is capable of providing the goodness of copper.

The USP of this advanced Water purifier is its Double purity lock that ensures that the purifier doesn’t dispense a single drop of unhealthy water.

This water Purification ensures the right amount of immunity-boosting copper charge in every glass of water.

The water purifying machine features 8 Liters of a big storage tank that is efficient enough for a normal Indian family.

  • 7 stage water purification with RO+UV+MF technology.
  • Dual water dispensing option.
  • 8 Liters of a big storage tank.
  • Immunity-boosting copper charge
  • No copper RO water dispensing without electricity
  • Price can be High

5. Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8L RO + UV Water Purifier

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We all know about the Blue Star Company because its products never disappoint us.

If we talk about the Majesto MA4BSAM02 8 Litre RO + UV Water Purifier, it has so many features that you will love it. Therefore, It comes into the list as one of the best water purifiers in India 2021.

The 6 stage purification of water purifier ensures the supply of pure and tasty water with its Aqua taste Booster functions that provide you safe and healthy water forever.

Key Features

  • Used for TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Food grade plastic storage tank.
  • 8 liters big storage tank.
  • 6 stage purification.
  • Tank full indicator signal.
  • Double layered RO+UV protection.

The slick and stylish water purifier is made up of 100% Food grade plastic. The Tank full indicator is an advanced feature of this water purifier that automatically stops the supply of water whenever the tank will fill with water.


The 100% pure and safe water consists of 6 stages purification process such as:

  • Pre-filter to removing large impurities from the trap.
  • The pre-carbon filter helps in cleaning water and removing bad odor and organic contaminants.
  • Sediment filter to removing large soluble pollutants.
  • Ro membrane to removing TDS(Total dissolved solids) and heavy metal impurities.
  • UV lamp to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
  • Post carbon filters with ATB( Aqua taste booster) ensure to increase the taste of purified water.

This Double layered RO+ UV water purification system supply 100% pure and healthy water.

The double Layer of RO+UV protection of this Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 water purifier destroys all kinds of contaminants from water. So you don’t need to worry about if there is any kind of water supply in your locality.

Another notable feature is its child lock function that prevents your Naughty/hipper-active child from fiddling with the water purifier controls.

The Best thing about this water purifier is its tank full indicator that immediately alerts you in case the tank is getting full.

Post-carbon filter includes copper-impregnated carbon that ensuring you to getting the Ayurveda goodness of copper.

  • Aqua taste booster to enhance the taste of purified water
  • Copper impregnated carbon to ensure the goodness of copper
  • 6 stage purification
  • Double Layer of RO+UV protection
  • TDS controller or Mineralizer feature doesn’t use to reload the lost minerals during RO purification.

6. LG Puricare WW150NP RO + UV Water purifier

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LG refers to Lucky Goldstar; it is the best brand in the market of consumer electronics. LG’s great success can be measured by that every second house In India has some LG products in their home.

LG air conditioners, TVs, and refrigerators are the products that are highly successful to win the consumers’ trust in India. When talking about LG water purifier then it is also successful to achieve massive success.

 LG Puricare WW150NP RO + UV Water purifier - Best Water Purifiers in India

Key features

  • 8 liters high storage tank.
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank.
  • Multi-stage filtration.
  • Used for TDS up to 2000 ppm
  • 5 multi-stage RO water purification.

The LG WW150NP water purifier comes with high stainless steel material that is more hygienic as compared to plastic and any other materials.

Along with stainless steel material, the tank of this water purifier equipped with dual protection seal holds the freshness of water and reduces the growth of bacteria and algae.


The 5 multi-stage RO water purification process of this water purifier helps to supply 100% safe and healthy water by removing viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants at no time.

LG water purifier uses Digital Sterilizing that is the most hygienic method to purifying the water without using any harmful chemicals.

This LG water purifier equipped with a Smart Display that is effectively designed to show power level, filter change time, tank water level.

The Mineral Booster filter of this LG water purifier is effective to add and maintain healthy minerals that ensure that the water is healthy and tasty for a long time.

So, this smart water purifier not the only supply of 100% healthy and safe purified water. But it also maintains the purified water forever.

  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel material Tank
  • Comes with a Stylish design
  • Dual water purifying protection system
  • Makes rejected water for reuse
  • Use of Digital Sterilizing method to purify the water
  • Equipped with Mineral Booster filter
  • High Price

7. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) 7L water purifier

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Eureka Forbes is one of the earlier manufacturers of water purification equipment in India. The company provides high-quality consumer goods for over 37 years.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS)

It is the trusted water purifier in India’s 15 million moms and their families for providing 100% safe and healthy drinking water.  

Key Features

  • RO + UV technology
  • Advance MTDS controller
  • The capacity of 7 liters
  • 1-year of comprehensive warranty
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Permanent solution for purifying any water source
  • Smart purifier LED indicator

This kitchen appliance comes equipped with 6 stage water purification process. That is capable of supply 100% safe and healthy drinking water irrespective of the source of input water coming into your area.


The Energy saving mode is one of the best features of this water purifier that automatically switches of the power supply once the storage tank gets full.

The water purifier uses advanced RO+ UV+ MTDS technology to eliminate harmful contaminants from water.

First of all RO technology kills all types of contaminants from the water such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful elements. Then UV technology spread its light to permanently kill the viruses and bacteria if they still exist in the water.

The Advanced MTDS technology helps to restore essential natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, etc. in the water, as they removed during the RO purification process.

This is why you get 100% tasty and healthy drinking water irrespective of the source of water in your area like tap water, municipal water, Borewell water, etc.

This sleek and compact design water purifier features with smart LED indicator signal. That notifies you in different situations such as Power On, purification on, and a tank full. It is useful to take action in every situation of a water purifier.

The best thing about this water purifier is that it features an Advanced TDS controller (MTDS) that ensures you to adjust the taste of water according to the type of water in your area.

Lastly, Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight water purifier is one of the best water purifiers under 10,000.

  • Large 7 liters storage tank
  • Automatic switch-off once the tank full
  • Water purifies with RO + UV + MTDS technology
  • 6 stage purification process
  • Waste a lot of water

8. Aquas India Aqua Grand+7 Stage RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF With Mineral Cartridges 12 Liters Water Purifier

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Aquas India Auqa Grand 7 stage purification process water purifies comes in our top 10 best water purification in India list.

Due to thousands of satisfied reviews and its high-end advanced feature that are mostly present in the well-known water purification brand.

Aquas India Aqua Grand+7 Stage RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF With Mineral Cartridges 12 Liters Water Purifier

The product comes with 12 liters of a large water storage tank that will supply you purified water even in case of electricity cut for a long time.

Key features

  • 12 Liters large storage tank
  • RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF purification method
  • Water level indicator

The 7 stage water purification of this water purifier proved it one of the best water purifier.


The RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF purification process ensures you supply 100% safe and healthy drinking water by eliminating any contamination in the water.

The Mineralizer filtration restores natural minerals that are removed when the water passes through the RO filter.

The Aquas India Auqa Grand water purifier is the purifier that is capable of Free standing in the place of the kitchen or properly hanging on the wall as well.

If you are looking for water purifiers for home and business use then this is definitely the best choice for you.

Finally, the Aquas India Aqua Grand water purifier is one of the best water purifiers in India under 5000.

RO+UV+TDS+AS+UF technology

  • Freestanding and wall hanging. 
  • Best for home and business use.
  • Mineralized filtration ensure the taste of water
  • Very Budget friendly
  • Not a branded product

9. LIVPURE PEP Star 7 L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

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LivPure is a well known and one of the most trusted brands in India.

Its ultimate aim is to provide world-class choices in the modern water purification system and establish a new benchmark in its technology.
Livpure PEP Star 7-litre Water Purifier is the perfect example of that.

Livpure pep star water purifier - Best Water Purifiers in India

This sleek and modern water purification system comes with a smart LED indicator signal that notifies you in different situations such as Power On, purification on, and tank get full.

Key features

  • 7 Liters of the storage tank
  • 7 stages purification
  • Mineralizer technology enhances the taste of the water
  • Suitability in your budget
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS purification technology
  • ABS food grand plastic

The 7 stages of advanced RO+UV+UF technology of this Livpure brand water purifier is ideal to kill harmful contaminants such as dissolved impurities, salts, harmful chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, viruses.

As a result, it supplies you with 100% safe and healthy drinking water. Whether the source of input water in your area is tap water municipal supply water, Borewell water.

Alongside, the mineralizing process is ideal restores the natural minerals from the water. Usually, it removes when the water purifies through the RO purification process, and as a result, it supplies a natural taste of the drinking water.


So Let is discuss following the 7 stages of water purification process.

Sediment filter for removing large impurities in water such as dissolved toxins, suspended solids, etc.

The elimination of bad color, taste, and odor stimulates organic particles from the water is done by Pre Activated Carbon Filter that also removes chlorine and other dangerous organic substances from water.

Antiscalant Cartridge acts effectively in preventing scale accumulation on the RO membrane layer which is caused by water salts.

RO membrane removes the heavy metals and deadly chemicals from water by fast passed the water through this filter.

UV disinfection Stage is useful to eliminate contamination from water that is caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc.

Ultrafiltration cartridge is useful to remove invisible impurities such as bacteria, Giardia, cysts, etc, and also works to remove suspended impurities.

Silver impregnated post carbon filter enhances the taste and quality of purified water.

Lastly, if you are looking for the best water purifier under 15000 then you can trust with this Livpure PEP Star RO+UV+UF Water Purifier with closed eyes.

  • Smart LED indicator
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water fully purified by 7 stage purification process
  • The smart alert indication signal
  • After-sale service is not good in some areas

10. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

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Kent is the most Certified and Award-winning brand in the world. It is known for its various models and has different advanced features that make it on the list of best water purifiers in India.

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier - Best Water Purifiers in India

The White and Aquamarine water purifier comes with 7 Liters of the big storage tank. And It is made up of ABS food-grade plastic that ensures a long-lasting and unbroken body.

Key features

  • Double RO+UV+UF purification technology
  • 7 liters of the big storage tank
  • Most certified and awarded brand
  • RO technology with TDS controller
  • Purify different source of water
  • Mineral RO technology

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre water purifier has a 1-year comprehensive warranty, and a huge 3 years free service. So the Kent Ace Mineral water purifier is one of the best water purifiers under 20,000 in the water purifier industry.


Kent Ace mineral water purifier comes with double purification technology of RO+ UV+ UF.

Firstly UV and UF technology remove every bacteria and virus from the water but both the technology is not as effective for the heavy element.

Then, Secondly RO technology kills all types of heavy metals like lead, arsenic, fluoride, and many others from water, so that you get pure and healthy water.

As well as the TDS controller provides the best job to hold the natural minerals in the purified water that are removed during RO purification.
After all, you get 100% fresh and tasty drinking water forever.

So Due to the double purification technology of RO+ UV+ UF, It can purify any type of water, irrespective of the source of water in your locality.

Lastly, the product comes with free installation by the manufacturer. Hence you can simply call the manufacturer’s customer support number at 9278912345 for free installation and furthermore information.

  • The double purification of RO+UV+UF technology
  • Consume very little 60-watt electricity
  • Worlds most certified and awarded winning brand
  • 1 year of warranty and has 3 years free service
  • High Maintenance cost

Best water purifiers in India – Buying Guide and Detailed information

Best Water Purifiers in India

Water is life. Even, we cannot even think about life without water.

There is a huge roll of water in a person’s entire health. Since our body is made up of 75% Water. So the way we put it in our body is important for its health.

Unfortunately, there is not every water source that is healthy for human consumption.

Among 100% of the water on the earth, only 3% of water is fresh and healthy for human consumption. Besides that, it has been said by many great people that drinking water will be the cause of the Third World war.

Filters can prevent toxic impurities from entering your body. It also helps in removing harmful particles like mercury, bacteria, chlorine to name a few.

In today’s digitalization Era, there is an availability of so many brands and their various models. And every company claims that their product to be the best. Obviously, purchasing a water purifier is a big decision as it requires a good investment of money. In case, you obviously want the full return of your money.

 So it is necessary that you make your buying journey smartly. This is why we have discussed the detailed buyer’s guide and information.

That will really help it out to make a purchasing decision better and smartly . 

Water Purification Technology

There are 3 types of water purification techniques such as RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultra-Violet), and UF (Ultra-filtration). Each of them is different from others and has some specialization and benefits. Below, I am sharing the in-depth details about each of the technology with their working process.

1. Reverse Osmosis – RO water purification technology

RO is a water purification process that removes harmful contaminants from water such as chemicals, bacteria, and viruses to make your drinking water pure and healthy.

The water molecules go through a semi-permeable membrane in force of pressure uses by  RO technology. Under this RO water purification technology, Each of the harmful contaminants is removed from the water. The rest of the water ensures clean, safe, and tasty.

RO water purification process

RO is the only technology capable of removing the hardness of water by killing harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and chlorine presented in water. This unique technology is beneficial for purifying all types of water such as groundwater, seawater, tank water, etc.

The conventional RO water purifiers have a 25% water recovery. That means by providing input 4 glasses of water it purifies 1 glass. But there are the newest models out there in the market that recover over 50% of input water.

This RO water purifier technology is made to purifying high contaminants such as pesticides, lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride from water. SO, as a result, it needs high electricity and wastes high water than any other water purifier.

But still, all the water purifier brands recommend using the wastewater in washing clothes, stencils showering, cleaning the home, and gardening purpose.   

Process of RO purification

RO water purification process
Sediment Filter

The sediment filter is the first level of the water filtration process which is not placed inside the RO water purifier machine. A sediment filter is like a net that catches the particulate matter that traveling in your water.

A sediment filter efficiently uses to remove visible particulate matter, and any particles of dirt, sand, dust, and debris that can be caught by its micron-rated capacity. Sediment filters also remove turbidity from water and reduce the amount of chlorine in the water.

The sediment filter is the first and important level of water treatment systems. If any kind of water contains any kind of containments such as viruses, bacteria, dirt, debris so usage of sediment filters is a necessary step to take.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter

It is the second level of the water filtration process. In this process, the water is going through an activated filter to remove chlorine and organic impurities such as harmful pesticides presented in water. It is also ideal to removes bad taste and odor from water.

Ultra-Filtration Stage  

Ultrafiltration (UF) is the third stage of water filtration. Under this process, the water is passing through 0.01 μM tiny pores of the UF membrane to remove contaminating bacteria, viruses, algae, pollen, etc that hold all unwanted particles.

Reverse Osmosis Stage  

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the fourth and crucial stage of the water purification process. Under this process, the water is passing through UF Purified water to the RO membrane to remove all the TDS of water. 

In this situation, Water is passed in the semi-permeable membrane of the RO filter, under pressure.

The semi-permeable membrane is made up of synthetic plastic material that removes sodium, chlorine, and calcium as well as large molecules like bacteria and viruses, glucose, urea, etc…

Ultraviolet Purification  

Ultraviolet Purification (UV) stage is the fifth and proven water filtration technology.

In this process, UV light is used to kills harmful viruses and bacteria from water. In other words, UV light kills microbes by exposing the water to the right light wavelength.

As a result, it destroys the DNA of bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses, bacteria, and cysts from the water. At the end of the ultraviolet purification process, you get fresh and pure water.

Post-activated carbon filter  

Post-activated carbon filter is the sixth and last stage of water filtration.

In the final analysis, the water is passing through a Post-activated carbon filter to eliminates major contaminants from your water.

It also ensures to supply clean, safe, and healthy water and improve the taste of your water.

The water is used for drinking, cooking, showering, and other home uses after this last purification process.

TDS Controller  

The TDS controller is the screw-based device that is used to controls the level of salts and balances the PH level of the purified water. As a result, it is used to supply tasty and healthy water for drinking.


The mineralizer works are similar to the TDS controller. Usually, it is used to supply essential minerals that are lost during the RO purification process. As it replenishes the essential minerals then the mineralizer is the best and effective way as compared to the TDS controller.

2. UV – Ultraviolet water purification technology

Ultraviolet purification is a powerful method of cleaning harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses from water.

In this technology, all the viruses and bacteria presenting in the input water killed with the help of an Ultraviolet electric bulb that produces ultraviolet rays. Like any other water purification system, the UV water purification system also requires electricity to perform.  

But ultra-violet water purification system requires very little electricity to perform as it can run the same watt as a 60-watt bulb runs.

The great advantage of this UV technology is that it does use any harmful chemicals like chlorine or any other toxins.

Ultraviolet purification is a powerful and highly effective method of disinfecting bacteria and viruses from water.

Process of UV purification

UV water purification process

Under this UV purification process, firstly, the UV electric bulk produces powerful ultraviolet rays. When water passing through this UV purification technology, the UV rays exposes and Attack all the germ’s genetic core (DNA) and perfectly destroy them.

The UV purification technology is ideal to kill 99.9% of destructive microorganisms without including any chemical or changing the water taste.

The process of Disinfection of the water with Ultraviolet light is extremely easy, powerful, and naturally safe.

But, The biggest disadvantage of this UV water purifier technology is that it is not sufficient to remove dissolved harmful substances like lead, pesticides, fluoride, and arsenic from water.

3. Ultra-filtration – UF water purification technology

UF water purification is a very beneficial technology capable of removing harmful viruses, bacteria, parasites, mud, and dirt present in water. All these contaminants are purifying even without electricity consumption and no chemical usage.

It is also ideal for retains minerals in the water. As a result, the technology doesn’t require much cost during water filtration.

 But the bad side of this water purification technology is that it is not sufficient to remove dissolved harmful substances like lead, pesticides, fluoride, and arsenic from water.

Process of UF purification

UF water purification process

The working process of RO and UF technology is the same. Because both are using a membrane to eliminate harmful contaminants from the water. But the UF water purification technology is still different from RO which I am going to explain below.

This UF water filter technology uses a fiber membrane that consists of 0.02 micron-sized very small holes. When the water passes under the UF water filter system, this system forces water in 0.02-micron membrane holes.

The water molecules that are large to this membrane such as harmful viruses, bacteria, parasites, mud, and dirt incapable to pass through these tiny holes. So they are clean from the water.

But the water molecules that are small to these holes such as pesticides, arsenic, lead, etc. are easily pass through these holes. 

What is TDS (Totally Dissolved Solids) presented in the water?

TDS means total dissolved solids. It is nothing but some inorganic salt such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride, and some small organic matter that dissolved in water.


Therefore, it comes from natural sources, sewage, urban development, industrial wastewater, and chemical used in farming processes.

The important thing is that your drinking water should have a perfect level of TDS, neither high nor low. Because when the level of TDS is low then the taste of water becomes horrible. On the other hand, the presence of contamination of harmful substances comes such as lead, arsenic, fluoride in water.

Now the question is that arises is, which TDS level of water is acceptable for human consumption. We will simply understand it by the chart below.

TDS Level MG/LTRResult
less than 150Fantastic
150-250Good for human consumption
250-300Not good for human consumption
300-500Unfit for drinking
Above 1200Unacceptable

How to Check the TDS in water?

The answer is very simple; you need a TDS Meter that can check the amount of TDS in your drinking water. You can buy the best and affordable TDS meter from Amazon under 500. Besides that, you should have proper information about the guidelines for safe drinking water in India.

Checking the TDS in water

So now we have discussed the suitable TDS level for drinking water and also tell about the device by which you can check it. But still, if you check it and find that your input water has 200 ml/ltr that describes well for human consumption in the above chart. But still, it is not suitable for drinking because the water may have high amounts of arsenic, lead, fluoride, or mercury that is not extremely dangerous for your health.   

So to avoid this situation and ensuring good health, it is advisable to Use an RO water purifier in your home that can easily kill all the harmful toxins in your water.

Quality of water in your location

Quality of water in your location

You must always aware of this question that what is the quality of water in my location?

There are mainly two sources of water: surface water and groundwater.

Surface (soft) Water is the water that comes from lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Groundwater (hard water) is the water that comes from under the surface of the earth.

Groundwater is harder than surface water because its TDS (total dissolved solids) is higher than 1000ml/ liter.

 If the TDS level of your water is higher than 500ml/ liters then you should go for an RO water purifier. And if the TDS level of your water is lesser than 500ml/ liters then a UV water purifier is a great choice for you, rather than going for an RO water purifier.

In the situation when water is extremely polluted and the TDS level of water purifier is also higher then go for RO+UV water purifier.

Different water sources

Different water sources

Life is not possible without water. All the living things in this world require water for growth and reproduction. Almost 75 % of the Human body is made up of water. This is why water is the most important factor for living on earth.

Mainly two types of water sources in the world are surface water and groundwater.

Surface water includes water that comes from the river, lakes, reservoirs, ocean, and sea is known as surface water.

Groundwater includes water that comes from under the ground is known as groundwater. Groundwater is the main source of many populations of the world and also a very impure source of water as well.

It is important to know that 97% of the water in the world is saltwater that is not suitable for consumption. Only the rest of the water means 3 % of the water in the world is pure and freshwater means suitable for human consumption.

The common sources of water in India are Municipal Corporation water, Borewell or Groundwater, river, lakes, or pound.

Here each and every source of water has many different impurities that require different types of water purification systems.

Water pollution causes

Water pollution causes

In today’s world, Water pollution is one of the most challenging problems that increase day by day. 

Many intellectuals even say that drinking water is the main cause of the Third World War.

Existence of water pollution

The pollution of water comes into existence when harmful toxins materials come into contact with the river, lake, ocean, reservoirs, etc. As a result, all these water sources are contaminated with toxic substances.

Industrialization, discharge of domestic waste, radioactive waste, population growth, excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers, and leakage from water tanks are major sources of water pollution.

 Need of water purifier

Need of water purifie

This is actually a foolish question to ask. Safe drinking water is a basic need for all humans.

About 71% of Earth’s surface is a cover-up by water. In which 97% of water is salt or wastewater which is not suitable for consumption and only 3% of water is only safe for drinking.

As a high volume of wastewater in the earth, according to the WHO reports 80% of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, and viral hepatitis, etc, are waterborne.

According to India’s planning commission, each year Between 4 to 5 lakhs children under the age of five years die in India from diarrhea.

Now in India, 30% of the urban and 90% of the rural population still completely depends on the Unhealthy surface and groundwater. 

Types of the storage tank

It is important to see the material of the water purifier to ensure the storage of fresh and purified water.

Nowadays all the water best purifier brands come equipped with ABC food Grade plastic or high stainless steel tank that ensures purity and durability of water.

Here you need to make sure that the storage tank is properly airtight sealed to avoid any of the external contaminants.

Water Recovery of water purifiers

Usually, all the RO water purifiers wastewater during the purification process.

 The conventional RO water purifiers have a 25% water recovery. That means by providing input 4 glasses of water it purifies 1 glass. But there are the newest models out there in the market that recover over 50% of input water.

If you want to buy an RO water purifier then go for a brand that has a higher water recovery ratio.

So due to the heavy water problem in the world and by seeing the above reports, it is requested that not to buy a water RO water purifier.

In case if the TDS (total dissolved water) level of your water is less than 500PPM and the water doesn’t have any contaminants such as harmful chemicals, heavy metals, lead arsenic.

Rather than you can use some of the best Non-RO water purifiers such as gravity-based, UV, or UV+UF water purifiers, as they do not waste any water during the water purification process.

But still many water purification brands recommend using the wastewater to wash clothes, utensils, showering, any gardening purpose, etc.

Purification Capacity of water purifiers

The majority of the RO water purifiers include a water filtration limit somewhere in the range of 12-15 liters per hour. However, some top models offer a purification capacity of up to 20 liters per hour or considerably higher.

But before taking any decision or choosing any of the brands, always keep in mind members of your family and their drinking water requirements.  

Best Water Purifiers in India – Frequently asked questions

Best Water Purifiers in India

1. Does boiling water remove TDS?

Boiling water does eliminate the TDS. It is a good way to destroying the microorganism such as bacteria, viruses, etc, only for 24 hours. Once the water became cold these microorganisms reenter it.

2. Which water purifier brand gives better after sell service?

To make the brand successful, it is important to focus on good after sell service.

This is why all the water purifier brands offer satisfactory after sell service. But Kent, Eureka Forbes, Pureit, and Livpure are some of the water purifier brands that provide the best after sell service.

However, after sell service largely depends upon the availability of the service center in your location, types of service that your water purifier requires, accessibility of spare parts, etc.

If you want to check yourself the after sell service for any brands of water purifier. So the effective way is to through an e-commerce website and reads the reviews of the customers who share their experience about after sell service.

3. How much water is wastage in RO water purification technology?

The biggest negative point of the RO water purifier is it wastes too much water during purification.

We can understand the water wastage in the RO water purification process with an Example: – If you put 4-liter water in it then it will purify 1 liter and the rest of the water will become waste.

But it is advisable by a company that you can use wastewater for washing clothes and utensils, showering, gardening purpose, etc.

But the wastage of water highly depends upon the level of impurities and dissolved solids in your input water. The Higher the Dissolved solids and impurities does your input water has, the higher it wastes the water.

4. How do I use rejected water by water purifier?

The water that is rejected by water purifiers contains a high level of impurities and dissolved solid that is not suitable for human consumption.

However, there are various ways by which you can use it such as washing clothes and utensils, showering, gardening purpose, car, or any cleaning home any of your Vehicles.

5. Buying a water purifier online is safe in India?

It is safe if you are using a safe and trustworthy website like Amazon for purchasing it. But Before taking any decision check out the specifications of the product and price detail on the other trusty website a well.

6. What is a TDS controller?

TDS controller is a screw-based device that controls the level of total dissolved solids in the RO purified water. Generally, the RO water purifier makes an almost 90% reduction of the harness of input water.

Let me Explain, For example: – if the TDS level of the input water is around 1000 then the level of purified output water will be around 100 ranges.

Water with a very lower TDS level doesn’t taste great. So to make the water healthy and consumable it is important to have some minerals and salt in the water.

The working process of the TDS controller is exceptionally simple. When the water goes into the TDS controller presented in the RO water purifier system then the TDS controller divides the water into two ways. The first way goes through the RO membrane.

On the other hand, the second part of the water goes into the UV and UF filters. But the UV and UF filters do not make any change in the TDS levels. This is why the two different outputs come.

At last, these two types of water mixed up and become output water. This is the simple job of the TDS controller device.


In this article, I have discussed the best Water purifier models in India 2021. Also, I have shared some of the important things that keep in mind before purchasing it. Along with that, some of the frequently asked questions asked by users.

Now you make your buying decision smarter and easy. However, if I miss any information regarding any of the above mention products; please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment.

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