8 Best Inverter Battery in India 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Finding the Best inverter battery in India is really hectic nowadays. So, here we are for your convenience to choose the best inverter battery in 2023.

8 best inverter battery in India 2021

Living life without electricity is horrible in this digital world, and no power backup is too horrible. So, there is the only solution to this problem of the inverter battery.

During buying online, people only think getting to know about the product, key features, and another specification is enough to become a smart online buyer.

In this article, we are not only going to discuss reviews (based upon user experience and feedback) about the 8 best inverter batteries in India. But the core technology also such as types, the core of material, maintenance tips, brand values, and compatible inverters.

As per your convenience, our experts find out from the Indian market and monetize the list of the top 8 best inverter batteries in India. Make sure properly by its key features and specifications.

8 Best Inverter Battery in India 2023

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Best Inverter Battery in India under Rs 20,000

1. Exide Plastic Inva Tubular Tall IT500 150Ah Battery

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Imagine! You are doing some important work on the computer or any other machine and suddenly face some power cut issue. Now there is no such option except waiting to come back to power.

The other way is looking up the best inverter battery with fantabulous power backup. Now let’s present the Exide Inva Tubular Tall IT500 150Ah battery. Exide is the oldest & one of the most trusted manufacturers in India.

Exide Technologies Plastic Inva Tubular Tall IT500 150Ah battery

This exide ultimate tubular tall battery is mainly designed with thick tubular plates and is suitable for those places where frequent power cut issue is more. Exide IT 500 is the best inverter battery in India under 20,000.

The purpose weight comes with heavy durability and is integrated with hybrid technology. On the other hand, it has 25% more acid volume per ampere as compared to the ordinary tubular battery.

Key Features:

  • Battery model: IT 500
  • Battery series: Inva Tubular
  • Types: Tall Tubular battery
  • Backup Duration: 10 to 48 hours
  • Capacity: 150Ah
  • Weight: 60 Kg (approx)
  • Warranty: 42 Months
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x25x35 cm
  • The tough condition with thick plates
  • High acid capacity per ampere-hour
  • Proper electrolyte level indicator

It is equipped with Exide’s torr technology where the heavy pressure HADI casting process at the hundred bar. Exide IT500 features mark it the most demandable inverter battery.

The IT500 battery can be charged with the help of a solar system. Probably, people want to run their personal Gadgets such as computers. It can easily run the computer, bulb, water purifier, fan as well as a refrigerator for 36 hours of backup.

This exide tall tubular battery is fully compatible with the above 650-watt inverter. When you require less than a 2kva inverter that is compatible with this IT500 battery. We recommend 2 inverters, 1) Luminous Hkva 2kva UPS inverter and 2) Microtek UPS 24×7 1125Va hybrid Sinewave Inverter.

For the purpose of home use, it comes with distilled water-safe technique. While it can run the motor for 18h to 24 hours, but motor should be 180 – 240v, 50hz, and 0.5 amp.

This IT500 battery is a heavyweight approx 60 Kg because comes with a dual plate separation system. The help of this system reduces the chances of sudden shock and vibration.

Exide Plastic Inva Tubular Tall IT500 150Ah Battery fully compatible with:

  1. Exide Digital Display 850Va SineWave Inverter.
  2. V-Guard Prime 1150 UPS inverter.
  3. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS Inverter.

There are one of the best features is the hybrid alloy system. It helps to maintain water loss problems. Exide IT500 Battery has an indicator that also maintains its electrolyte level.

Although, all the specifications of This battery such as hard & durable plates. You will not face sudden power cut issues.

At the last point, our experts provide its advantages and disadvantages based on real-life user experience and it will really help in choosing the right design.

  • Suitable for depth cycle application!
  • Very low maintenance and acts as a coolant.
  • Tough battery, thicker plates, and is environment friendly.
  • Taking less floor space.
  • Heavy weighted.

Best Inverter Battery in India under Rs 15,000

2.  Luminous Shakti Charge 18054 150 Ah Battery

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Really looking for the next generation brand with a 150 Ah capacity inverter battery, hence, the Luminous SC 18054 battery takes a place in this list. This inverter battery is an ideal option for your house. This is one of the best inverter batteries in India under 15000.


Luminous is the most trusted and innovative brand in India. It’s Shakti Charge SC 18054 battery equipped with Tubular Plate technology that fits for deep discharge function.

Luminous Shakti design by the leak-resistant polyethylene separator technique minimizes the possibility of short circuits. It has also come with a long-life battery made of corrosion-resistant spine alloy composition.

These 3 are the most compatible with this Shakti charge battery, moreover, it can serve decent power whenever facing a voltage fluctuation problem in your society/locality. 

It is one of the latest revolutionary inverter batteries in the battery industry.  Therefore, it has served a longer service life and backup. One of the latest features is given below just take a look.

Key Features:

  • Battery model: Shakti Charge SC 18054
  • Capacity: 150 Ah
  • Back-up: 6 Hours (minimum)
  • Warranty: 54 Months
  • Battery Weight: 51 kg
  • Space friendly low height container
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 505 x 191 x 377 MM
  • Next-generation battery with long hours of backup
  • Easy to maintain with 6 water level indicator
  • Battery type: Tall tubular with rugged construction
  • Tubular Plates suitable for deep discharge function
  • You can contact for any product related Knowledge: 18001033039
  • Additional Values: inverter battery, instruction manual, and warranty card

For the purpose of battery charging, Shakti SC 18054 tubular plate is properly designed. It has come with 54 months manufacturer defect warranty, for any issue/ quarry contact the manufacturer and get the solution.

Luminous is always focusing on innovation and creating better solutions for society that’s why they add some indicators to help beginners.

Shakti charge SC 18054 battery system has the supercool process of charging, after the charging it will create a weeping sound then you can off if your inverter doesn’t have an auto-stop charging system.

Luminous Shakti charge SC 18054 150 Ah battery fully compatible with:

  1. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home UPS Inverter.
  2. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS.
  3. Luminous Eco Watt + 850/12V, Inverter.

Lastly, this is a good investment inverter battery as well as one time, thus on your expectation, this Shakti charge battery would definitely run for 5 to 6 long years. Make sure proper maintenance is the key to long durability.

With the help of a Shakti charge inverter battery, it can run home & kitchen appliances such as a mixer grinder, air conditioner, computer, ceiling fan as well as some bulbs. These appliances run continuously for 5 to 8 hours except for more than 1 ton of air conditioner.

Now let’s have a look at the advantages & disadvantages that are based on customers’ experience.

  • 54 months warranty.
  • Easy to install & good backup.
  • Require minimum maintenance cost.
  • Thick & next-generation tubular plate battery.
  • Can be some distilled water leakages issue.
  • It will require the best inverters only.

3. Livguard Invertuff IT 1536FP 150Ah Battery

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Life in darkness can be so horrible, doesn’t matter for 1 or more hours. So let’s present the Livguard Invertuff IT 1536FP UPS inverter battery that comes with the latest flat plate technology.

Livguard IT 1536FP battery is a strong and durable battery shelf life. Due to the low maintenance cost, it makes your life very easy.

Livguard Invertuff IT 1536FP 150Ah Battery

One of the latest features is a pre-quick charging system that reduces the time for a full charge. For your convenience, we have given fantastic key features just take a look.

Key Features:

  • Battery model: Livguard Invertuff IT 1536FP
  • Capacity: 150 Ah
  • Warranty: 18 + 18 Months
  • Flat Plate Technology
  • Battery backup: 24 – 48 Hours
  • Battery weight: 50 (approx)
  • 6-water level indicator
  • Easy & low maintenance cost
  • Quick rechargeable formulation
  • Dimensions LxWxH : 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Inverter support: 900 – 1600 VA, less than 10 KVA

Hope you grab valuable points, even after all of them, we will describe its feature in detail. Livguard manufacturer designed its superior grid plate as well as high electrolyte volume that increases the energy backup performance.

In addition, its plastic design drum where keep the plates that give a fascinating look to each of them.

Livguard Invertuff IT 1536FP 150Ah Battery compatible with:

  1. Luminous Zolt 1100 UPS inverter.
  2. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS Inverter.
  3. Livguard 1100 Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter.

Livguard Invertuff battery comes with a 72-hour long backup if uses for small appliances such as LED bulbs, fans, smartphones for charging, and hair straighteners (auto-On/off feature-based).

Although heavy appliances (Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Washing machine, Cooler, etc) can also run on an IT 1536FP battery, it will give 24 – 48 hours of backup (approx).

As earlier mentioned in the key features, it comes with 36 months durable battery warranty. Firstly, 18 months is a battery replacement warranty & the next 18 months of pro-rate/ partial warranty.

Also, comes with 6 water level indicators for whom doesn’t use these types of inverter batteries.

Last but not least, no need to wait to charge, it has a quick rechargeable formulation for the user’s convenience. On the other hand, Livguard invertuff inverter battery is eco & user-friendly.

At the last, here are some advantages & disadvantages given below. It would clear your decision, why should buy this inverter battery for your home/office.

  • It can charge with the help of the solar system.
  • Better performance with long-life backup.
  • Low maintenance battery cost.
  • 24 to 48 hours long backup.
  • Top-level inverters supportive such as 900-1600Va.

4. Luminous Red Charge 18000 150 Ah Battery

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Inverter battery is a warrior for light, So let’s remove the darkness with a Luminous Red Charge 18000 Inverter battery and enjoy 24×7 light in your life. This luminous Red Charge 18000 battery is also a good inverter battery in India under 15000.

Luminous RC does fulfill every kind of energy storage need. It comes with one of the most advanced Robust tubular plate technology. This technology solves the irregular power cut problem & runs the battery continuously without any issues.


Luminous RC 18000 is designed to keep in mind the problems of the users such as high efficiency, higher battery life as well as low maintenance cost.

At the point of beginning, let’s take a short view in the form of key features. So here we go!

Key Features:

  • Battery model: Red Charge RC 18000
  • Capacity: 150 Ah, 12V
  • Battery weight: 53Kg (approx)
  • Warranty: 18 + 18 Months
  • Robust tubular plate Technology
  • Excellent overcharge resistance
  • Dimensions: 52 x 23 x 32 cm
  • Battery Backup: 10 – 15 hours (average)
  • Charging current min/max: 126 mAh / 504 mAh
  • Use antimony alloy for low maintenance
  • Deep discharge feature for long power cut locality
  • Sealed plastic drum for high durability
  • Packed contents: 1 Battery, 6 Indicator, 1 Warranty Card & 2MS fasteners

One of the best things about the RC 18000 battery is puncture resistance which can overcome the maximum chances of accidental damage. So don’t worry about ordering online.

It has been designed for better performance as well as heavy-duty functions. Luminous’ engineers use a low amount of antimony alloy instead of other elements for low maintenance cost.

It has 3 years warranty, the first 18 months of the warranty is the replacement, and the rest of the months are for a pro-rate warranty. A pro-rated warranty means can be replaced or repaired that depends on the period of the battery.

Luminous Red Charge 18000 150 Ah Battery compatible with inverter:

  1. Luminous Zolt 1100 UPS inverter.
  2. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS Inverter.
  3. Livguard 1100 Pure Sine Wave UPS Inverter.

Luminous RC 18000 can easily operate heavy & small appliances such as CFLs, LED bulbs, ceiling fans, microwave ovens, refrigerators, TV, and other appliances for 8 to 15 hours of backup.

The first time, it comes with an initial factory charge that is ready to use. At the end of the point, it is easy to get. At the last don’t forget to see its advantages and disadvantages for a better experience.

  • Excellence overcharge sufferance.
  • Nice battery backup for 8 to 15 hours.
  • Low maintenance battery cost.
  • Sometimes, it can’t properly charge on low voltage.
  • Make sure, the battery is warranty proper.

5. Microtek Mtek Power JT-2400T Jumbo Tubular Battery 150Ah

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Microtek is one of the largest inverter battery manufacturers in India. Its Mtek power JT- 2400T jumbo tubular battery is a better option for spreading light.

As per the users’ requirement, Microtek designs its JT-2400T Jumbo Tubular150Ah Battery. It doesn’t need installation just unboxed & ready to use.

Microtek Mtek Power JT-2400T Jumbo Tubular Battery 150Ah

This inverter battery is made up of a pure lead component that is good for battery power backup & performance. Before receiving the Microtek JT – 2400 battery, make sure it’s paperless with 48 month’s warranty.

Microtek serves high period warranty than their competitors. It gives the first 24 months replacement & the rest of the 24 months is pro-rate warranty.

Key Features:

  • Battery model: Mtek Power JT-2400T
  • Capacity: 150Ah
  • 99% pure Lead used
  • Battery Weight: 40 – 55 Kg
  • Battery backup: 10 to 15 hours
  • Ceramic water level indicator
  • Ultra-low maintenance cost
  • 100% Tubular types battery
  • Paperless Warranty: 48 Months
  • Quick rechargeable formulation
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 58 x 48 x 42 cm

Mtek power battery manufacturer designed it to keep in mind Indian weather. It’s a drum built with a poly plastic component that is shock-resistant & protected from water leakage issues.

On the other hand, it will completely protect this inverter battery. Now, is the perfect time to choose an inverter battery and say darkness goodbye.

It has been using one of the best Japanese technology for reducing maintenance costs and quick recharge formulation.

However, its battery backup is as good as compare others. It can run small appliances such as LED bulbs, CFL, ceiling fans, LED TVs, and surveillance security systems for 12 to 15 hours. Rest of the large appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, etc for 5 to 8 hours.

Luminous Red Charge 18000 150 Ah Battery compatible with inverter:

  1. Microtek EB 800 VA UPS inverter.
  2. Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS.
  3. Luminous Zolt 1100 UPS inverter.

Last but not least, Mtek power battery plates used the concept of 100% HADI tubular technology. It means these plates are built with the metal of antimony lead alloy, Selenium & Tin. These metals protect lead support from anodic corrosion.

Below the section, Mitek’s advantages & disadvantages can help in choosing the right decision.

  • 100% HADI Tubular.
  • It comes with better durability & reliability.
  • Also has an Electrolyte water level indicator.
  • Initial factory charge for initial convenience.
  • Not suitable for large enterprises.

6. AMARON 150 AH Battery | AAM-CR-AR150TT54

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There are most areas in India suffering from power cuts, low voltage, and other electrical issues. In fact, you must have faced, am I going right? If yes, So there is no wonder to use an inverter battery for solving this problem.

AMARON 150 AH Battery | AAM-CR-AR150TT54

Amaron 150 Ah battery is suitable for various users’ requirements and functions. This 150 Ah is also compatible with any brand of the inverter, however, the 3 most compatible are given in the last.

During this pandemic, there is the most chance of frequent power cuts, so without taking the chance go for this Amaron 150 Ah inverter battery. There are some fascinating key features, so have a look…

Key Features:

  • Battery model: Amaron AAM-CR-AR150TT54
  • Latest product: 30/10/2020
  • Capacity: 150Ah
  • Battery type: Tall tubular
  • Battery weight: 35 – 50 Kg
  • Warranty: 36 + 36 Months
  • Battery backup: 15 – 20 hours
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 50 x 19 x 45 cm

Amaron 150 Ah tubular battery comes with a long-life warranty such as 54 months (36 months replacement & 36 months pro-rate warranty).

On the other hand, no need to worry about it for 3 years of your life, after that it can be replaced or repaired. It depends on where you buy it from!

It has used high heat resistance calcium and hybrid alloy for its grid which makes it less maintenance cost.

As per the users’ demand, Amaron engineers design it with zero and high heat tolerance capacity that is actually suitable for Indian weather.

Luminous Red Charge 18000 150 Ah Battery compatible with inverter:

  1. Amaron 880VA Hi-Back Up Pure Sine Wave Ups.
  2. Luminous Zolt 1100 UPS inverter.
  3. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home UPS Inverter.

Its quick charge system makes it lovely and saves you unnecessary electricity bills. Whenever it goes for the charge, there is no vibration, and maintains the peace of silence in your home.

Overall the factors are as good as the other manufacturers, however, below the section, its advantages & disadvantages would be cleared unnecessary doubts.

Read more about the top solar inverter manufacturers here

  • High heating tolerance capacity for Indian weather.
  • Factory charge has the highest reserved capacity.
  • Fully compatible with 800 – 1000Va inverters.
  • It’s 54 months of warranty.
  • Battery weight can be an issue.
  • Price can be an issue because luminous shakti good substitute at the same price.

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