7 Best Hair Dryers in India 2022 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Finding a hairdryer is not a tough job, but picking one of the best hair dryers is the most challenging job for every woman in India.

In fact, there are so many options available in this digital world that could easily confuse you before choosing the best one.

7 Best Hair Dryers in India 2021

So the solution is, here we are going to help you to select one of the best hair dryers from the list of 7 best hair dryers in India.

Besides, we have provided the solution to most of the problems in this blog, such as the product’s key features, pons, cons, and buying guides based on user reviews!

Hair Dryers Name Motor Weight Warranty Price
Philips BHD00720 Hair Dryer Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer DC 1800 Watt 450g 24 Months Check Price
SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer AC 1200 Watt 150g 24 Months Check Price
Havells HD3251 Ionic Hair Dryer Havells HD3251 Ionic Hair Dryer DC 1600 Watt 350g 12 Months Check Price
Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer AC 1000 Watt 350g 24 Months Check Price
VEGA Insta Look 1400W Foldable Hair Dryer VEGA Insta Look 1400W Foldable Hair Dryer AC 1400 Watt 510g 12 Months Check Price

7 Best Hair Dryers in India 2022

1. Philips BHD007/20 Hair Dryer

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Seeking a hairdryer that is not only performing better, in fact, 100% suitable to your personality. Even at the time of use, it feels like you took out the salon.

Philips BHD00720 Hair Dryer

So, Philips BHD007/20 is one of the best hair dryers for you that are available in India. For easy use, it designed an air inlet grill that increases the airflow level. The airflow helps you to fast hair drying as well as an efficient result without noise.

Key features

  • Motor: DC 1800 Watt
  • Foldable handle
  • Dryer’s weight: 450g
  • Heating Speed: 3 settings for gentle/dry
  • Battery: 1 lithium-ion
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Dual voltage: 120v & 230v
  • 1.8m cord maximum flexibility with hanging loop

This hair dryer comes with the latest feature that gives you boom performance, so let’s understand.

The use of a hairdryer, protects your hair from overheating with the help of Thermo to protect the temperature setting. So make sure to avoid the cheap quality hair dryers. 

It features 3 flexible pre-selected speeds and heating combinations faster or easier to achieve the desired hairstyle.

Most females want a glossy, shiny & frizz-free hair look. This hair dryer fulfils these requirements. Although, its negative charge ions help to eliminate the static hair.

While using this hairdryer, its cool shot system provides a cool airbrush for sets of stylish hair look finishing.

Besides, it’s a cool feature such as a foldable handle that is easy to pack and store and makes it easy to travel. Overall, Philips BHD007/20 is the best hair dryer for women & men.

  • Contact: (18601801111) (18001022929)
  • Heat up within a few seconds
  • Make hair smoother, shiny & frizz-free
  • Easy to hold a distance of about 20 to 30 cm
  • Double pin charger for your convenience
  • Not for extra-long hair

2. Havells HD3251 Ionic Hair Dryer 

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If you are hair health conscious and seeking one of the best hair dryers in India that treat your hair as the salon’s professionals. So, Havells HD3251 hairdryer is fitted in this role.

Havells HD3251 Ionic Hair Dryer

In this world, more than 73% of females are worried about hair damage issues. This hair dryer comes with a health breeze mode, which prevents damaged hair and ensures gentle or dry hair.

Key Features

  • Motor: DC 1600 Watt
  • Light-weighted: 350g
  • Ionic protection: Healthy, shiny & frizz-free hair
  • Heat setting: Hot, warm & cool
  • Easy to work on home inverter
  • Warranty: 12 months

It features 3 temperature heating settings for drying and a flexible, stylish hair look. Havells’ engineers have designed this hair dryer with a thermostat & thermal fuse technology for protection against overheating.

This dryer comes with heavy-duty, high wattage (1600 Watt) and powerful airflow for long-lasting and ever running. To avoid frizzy hair and provide better hair health or shininess, with the help of a dryer’s ionic care.

For your convenience and easy storage, while travelling, this dry comes with a foldable hand feature. In the last, its advantage & disadvantage will clear the rest of the doubt.

  • Stylish & fascinating design
  • It can run on Ups inverter technology
  • Doesn’t have motor speed controller

3. Remington Compact Hair Dryer (D5000)

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When we talk about heavy duty, challenging, and user’s friendly hairdryers, Remington’s compact hair dryer always comes to mind.

This hair dryer comes with an easy removal rear grille for smoothness and shininess for hair and helps retain moisture.

Remington Compact Hair Dryer (D5000)

To flow the air directly and stay away from frizzy hair, use a concentrator nozzle that always comes with Remington Compact Hair Dryer.

Key Features

  • Motor: AC with 1800Watt
  • Weight: 600g
  • Energy-saving eco setting
  • Settings: 3 heating temp & 2 motor Speed
  • Travel-friendly & easy to use
  • Warranty: 24 months

This hair dryer is eco-friendly with the help of an eco switch to save more electricity—the engineer of Remington’s hairdryers designed this dryer with ceramic ionic grilled for your convenience.

It is easy to use and an amazing dryer lightweight as compared to others. Similarly, it has high powerful performance motor and fan for exhausting air for instant drying and shines hair.

Besides, it features 2 separate buttons for blower speed and heat, even easy to set the blower without heat.

  • The stylish structure that suits your personality
  • Low & high-speed controller
  • Perfect wire length
  • Powerful, compatible & durable product
  • Make sure the service centre nearby you
  • No folding handle

4. Wahl 5439-024 Professional Hair Dryer

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Women’s life without stunning, glossy, and shiny hair, there is no mean. In fact, the level of confidence gets down rapidly if you haven’t a desirable hairstyle.

No, a daily salon is not the right option for your desired hair look.

Wahl 5439-024 Professional Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439-024 hairdryer is the perfect solution. This dryer is not only provided a confident hair look but produces a great performance.

Key features

  • Motor: AC with 2000Watt
  • 3 Heat control setting & 2-speed control
  • 100% Ceramic coating
  • Voltage: 230v & 50Hz
  • Warranty: 12 months

It comes with a 2000watt motor for helping instant drying hair without losing hair shining. Similarly, its motor is an AC collector with the latest tourmaline technology.

Moreover, its cold shot button prevents you from damaging hair & spread the feeling of coolness.

It features 3 different temperature settings for drying rapidly and effectively.  This is one of the best hair dryers in India to save you more valuable time and money.

Besides, it also comes with 2-speed settings such as low and high speed. Wahl engineers designed this dryer to keep in mind users’ daily problems. On the other hand, these 2-speed settings are more convenient and helpful in your daily life.

  • Both: Motor speed & temperature heating setting
  • Made with tourmaline technology
  • Quick-drying with a cool shot
  • A little heavy weight (1Kg to 2Kg)

5. SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer

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Looking best Hairdryer which spread out the fragrance to your hair and that stunning hair fascinates your boyfriend/husband!

SYSKA HD1610 Hair Dryer

Syska HD1610 hair dryer comes in this category. This hair dryer features heat balance & instant heating technology, which saves your time to fast drying.

Key Features

  • Motor: AC with 1200 Watt
  • Easy to run on a Home inverter
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Product weight: 150g
  • Overheating protector

Did you feel your hair getting dry & rough fast? This dryer comes with overheating protector, which focuses on maintaining the level of hair moisture. Although, so many females use & got the benefits of Syska HD1610 hairdryer.

Sometimes we face unexpected power cuts, especially at times of drying hair, then frustrated. Syska’s engineer already had seen this issue and designed Syska HD1610 that is easily run with home inverter technology.

So feel free to enjoy your hair drying with this super cool one of the best hair dryers not only in India but over the world.

At last, It features foldable hand technology that makes it travel friendly and easy to store anywhere. 

  • Double speed setting
  • Instant heat up & fast drying by heat balance technology
  • Can be out of stock due to high demand

6. VEGA Insta Look 1400W Foldable Hair Dryer 

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Finding the low budget, better performance as well as fabulous look hairdryer. Vega Insta looks 1400W is better for you.

VEGA Insta Look 1400W Foldable Hair Dryer

It is light weighted, quick response, and a powerful motor with 1400W gives you the awesome result.

Key Features

  • Motor: AC with 1400Watt
  • Weight: 510g
  • Temperature Setting: Low, medium & high
  • Warranty: 12 months

While hair drying, it produces cool air, which makes feels you calmer, with a cool shot button. It also features 3 heat and speed settings that give the power of flexibility and air control. For precision styling, this hair dryer uses a detachable nozzle.

Most the women love travelling. Even they are most hair health conscious. Vega Insta look 1400W is a wonderful tool for carrying outings with an easy folding handle feature.

  • Cool shot button
  • Foldable handle
  • Easy to handle for travel
  • Never forget to register warranty online within 28 days of buy

7. Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer 

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This is the last and one of the lowest price hair dryers brands in India and on this list. Panasonic EH-ND11 hairdryer is a portable and compact size dryer.

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B 1000W Hair Dryer

For boom drying your hair, this dryer comes with 2 speeds setting low and high speed. It can be easy to operate with a simple push on the handle.

Key features

  • Motor: AC with 1000Watt
  • Warrant: 24 months
  • Lite weight: 350g
  • 1.8 long tangle-free cord
  • Turbo dry technology

It features 1000w turbo dry technology, which provides gentle and powerful airflow within a little minute. Similarly, it helps to produce high-speed uniform airflow for instant drying your hair.

Its next feature is a light weighted ergonomic design for easy to hold and use. It has also come with a hanging loop for your convenience.

This Panasonic powerful hairdryer is given your hair look like a salon at home. It is good for shiny hair looks and stays away from frizzy hair.

  • Compact design with portable size
  • Dual speed section
  • No foldable hand

8. Babyliss D212E DC Hair Dryer

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Taking a daily bath is such a great thing but after that, the process of drying hair takes too much time. In fact, most women are facing this problem. 

The simple solution is the Babyliss D212E DC hair Dryer. The outstanding performance and its core design are made with stainless steel for all class stylers.

Babyliss D212E DC Hair Dryer

This black Babyliss DC hairdryer functions smoothly and the design fascinates all hair stylers.  Similarly, this hairdryer is not only dry the hair but a perfect match for your stunning personality.

It’s a comfortable design and easy holding system either handle or barrel conveniently for you.

Key Features

  • Model: D212E DC
  • Motor: 2000 Watt
  • Airflow speed – 65km/h
  • Fast & low: 2 speed temperatures
  • Cool shot to fix the hairstyle
  • 3-year of warranty

Ever shiny hair is the desire of each woman. Babyliss hairdryer is hosted with awesome features that help in every shinny your hair.

During the drying of your hair, you will feel like you are in heaven because of its cool shot feature. This feature easily fixed your hairstyle with 3 cool shots. Now let’s make your hair frizz-free, silky, smoothy, and whatever look with Babyliss D212E hair Dryer.

It has a 2000 watt motor for Fascinating performance with 6-speed airflow settings and a hanging loop for lifelong durability. In fact, you can say, this hair care tool is a compact, convenient, and magnificent performer.

Additionally, it makes your hair prepared rapidly, even if you got late for a party or another occasion. If you want a straight or stunning hair look, at that time use a hair straightener for less than 3 minutes.

Lastly, the Babyliss hairdryer is a brilliant & brushless Engine. With these entirely effective features, this hair dryer qualified as one of the best hair dryers in India.

  • Desirable design
  • Good airflow speed
  • Better hand grip for handling

It can take extra space in your suitcase.

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Buying Guide & Reviews – Best Hair Dryers in India

When choosing a hairdryer, it is essential to know the relevant information about the hairdryer. Basically, the motive of buying guides is to aware and improve your buying skill with the correct information. 

In the buyer’s guide, we will give you some core information such as dryer types, brands, motor, temperature settings, etc. 

Best Hair Dryers Brand in India

It is crucial to focus only on branded hair dryers because some women always keep in mind their price. Price consciousness is a good thing, but your priority is to choose branded hair dryers.

The brand always gives you reliability, durability, trust, and quality. In fact, after-sales customer supports system. Make sure you still prefer branded hairdryers. Here we are given the list of some brands to upgrade your knowledge.


Philips is a global market leader and one of the oldest companies founded in 1891 (Netherland) by Frederik Philips and his sons.

Nowadays, Philips focus on improving people’s health and innovation. It has also designed personal care products such as hair straighteners, hairdryers, trimmers, etc. 


Havells is a prestigious brand that deals in electronics and electrical products such as water purifiers, fans, hairdryers, mixer grinders, LEDs, water heaters, air coolers, microwave ovens, etc. Their distribution network professional 4000 plus 80000 deals and 40 branches in our country.


Syska is also a branded company that mainly manufactures electrical and grooming products. Their innovative housing products, Syska recently launched, such as Syska LEDs and Fans. Its hairdryer is also one of the best hair dryers in India.

Types of Hairdryer – Best Hair Dryers in India

There are manly 4 types of hair dryer such as

  1. Ionic hair dryer
  2. Ceramic/ porcelain hair dryer
  3. Tourmaline hair dry
  4. Titanium hair dryer

These types of hair dryers produce different results.

Ionic Hair Dryer

The ionic hair dryer most uses negatively charged ions that eliminate positive charge water ions from hair. With the help of this process, hair strands will quickly dry without any damage. Similarly, it has also saved you valuable time. 

Ceramic / Porcelain Hair Dryer

Ceramic is an element that mostly comes with plastic and metal coating plates. A ceramic coating hairdryer always comes in demand because this metal distributes the heat rapidly. It has an excellent property to reduce the heating temperature and save more time for hair dryers. 

Tourmaline hair Dryer

Tourmaline is the latest technology that uses pyroelectric and piezoelectric minerals to generate an electric charge when creating pressure. This hair dryer has produced both ions, such as harmful and infrared. Tourmaline hair dryers are advanced hair dryers as compared to ceramic and ionic hair dryers. 

Titanium Hair Dryer

This one is the last hairdryer and advanced technology. The dryer’s heating coiled is made up of titanium metal. This type of hair dryer is one of the faster batters than the rest of the 3 classes.

Make sure one thing, it is suitable only for long and thick hair because of its high temperature. Although, titanium is the light weighted metal that used to be a lightweight weighted hairdryer forever. 

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