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What is a Treadmill Stress Test?

Basically, when you were searching for the treadmill test. The result comes on most of the websites exercise stress test because sometimes treadmill test is also known as an exercise stress test & cardiologic test.

Your doctor or health checker will tell you about walking on the treadmill at the time of exercise. It will determine the abnormal heart rhythms & diagnosis the absence or presence of coronary diseases.

girl waking on treadmill for exercise stress test

This simple concept identifies how much your heart can face the stress level of different kinds of treadmill exercises.

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Why Treadmill Test is Required?

Most doctors require a treadmill exercise check-up to identify the strength of your heart. These tests show that your heart is receiving oxygen & flowing the blood properly or not.

Let’s understand: Suppose someone is an alcoholic guy & that’s age is 39 years old until he did not concern with his health checker even not begin the exercise schedule.

What next, sometimes it can be risky & maybe faces some heart disease problems. Firstly, you should concern with your doctor then go for next.

Treadmill Test Procedure

At this point, we are discussing the treadmill test step-by-step procedure. Some wires are hooked up to the patient’s body, such as the chest, shoulders & legs. After that, electrical signals pass through each part of the heart or identify the strength & timing of electric signals.

When you go for a treadmill stress check-up, it will take 10 to 15 minutes. So don’t be impatient, if the doctor saw the following symptoms such as;

  • High or low blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Arrhythmia
  • Dizziness
  • Abnormal changes detected by the ECG machine

Will disallow to the stress test.

For proper understanding, we have cleared the treadmill test for each step procedure. I hope the treadmill checkup the step-by-step procedure will really helpful for you.

treadmill check up procedure step by step - treadmill test

Treadmill Check up for heart

In the human body, the heart is the only organ that can’t be regenerating (non-generating cells). Basically, this is nonstop pumping the blood to veins and arteries.

Now, let’s come to your question,

Let’s suppose you are exercising on the treadmill or somewhere. It will flow blood harder & faster. During the exercise, blood pressure will be increase for the heart.

In some cases, exercise can be unconscious to you. Basically, the treadmill stress test is identifying the strength of your heart. So this test is for your heart.

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How to pass a treadmill stress test?

When you go for the treadmill stress test, it would require some precautions for your body part. Here we are giving some tips (step by step) in the infographic that will help pass the treadmill stress test.

How to pass a treadmill stress test step by step infograph

Treadmill test cost

When you actually know about the treadmill test cost, which varies from location to location. But the average cost between Rs 1800 and Rs3000. Here we are giving you the proper treadmill checkup cost information for your city.

list of Treadmill checkup cost with cities infograph

Stress test results by age

Have you ever heard about the age factor, how old you feel, & how old you actually are? There was research conduct between 1991 and 2015 on 12369 patients.

Participants included 57% male & 52% female between the age of 50 and 60 years better actual age than chronological age.

This research was published in europium general of preventive cardiology. So, before starting an exercise program, you should always discuss it with your health experts.

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