Running Outside vs Treadmill – Which One is Better?

Is running outside better vs running on a treadmill? Which one is better? These types of questions always come to your mind?

Running Outside vs Treadmill - Which One is Better?

Some so many people generally became part of these types of question’s debate. This is a viral and common question. In fact, some research conducted on which is better running outside vs treadmill running?

See, everything has its own value. Outside running has different benefits and apart from the treadmill. We can’t say right and wrong, but there are some advantages and disadvantages based upon the research and statistics.

In this article, we are compiling pons and cons of outside running or treadmill running. So without taking more time, let’s begin.

Treadmill (Running Outside vs Treadmill)

If you are a fitness-loving guy, so you know the real value of the treadmill.

The treadmill is the best fitness tool for the home workout having so many benefits: gain lower muscles and burn more calories by running.

Generally, treadmills available in health clubs, gyms, and some NGOs. It comes with suitable features such as heart rate monitoring sensors, motion sensors, and voice assistant commands.


It has saved a lot of time, effort and help to continue the exercise schedule during stormy weather. Climate can be the biggest challenge for fitness lovers. So it’s one of the easy ways to follow running/ walking, whether day or night.

Most entrepreneurs, influencers, and internet entrepreneurs enjoy running/walking whenever they got time. Its fascinating features save a person’s time and also help guide them.

Some advanced features such as exercise timer modules and fitness goal reminders help to increase their productivity.

Some professional trainers require doing tough exercises, for example, HIIT (high-intensity interval training). As per their requirement, 3 treadmills come with high power motor (2.5HP to 4 HP), such as Sparnod STH-3300 treadmill, Powermax TDA-230 treadmill.

Its inclination feature help to improve lower muscles by adjusting at 1% to 15% of incline. Finding the hill in the city is getting tough nowadays. It’s easy to run on the treadmill at an incline position.

If someone set 10% of incline level and running for 10 minutes at 2 to 3 Km/h speed and end of the result, he/she burned 65 calories.

Running on the road can be affecting the joints, but treadmill running protects the joint’s injuries because the treadmill board gets a suspension. Whenever someone starts running, its board is prepared for the shock and absorbing process and protects the user’s joints.

Lastly, its voice assistant command feature makes easy your fitness journey and increases the level of mental health.


There is nothing in this world that is 100%. In fact, black carbon is also not 100% black. Same as running on a treadmill has some cons, such as unable to enjoy nature’s views.

Treadmill manufacturers develop modern display treadmills to enjoy views, but some say they don’t feel like natures’ views.

Besides, people want to jump during running, but a kind of fear does always come to mind at the time of running. Same, they are unable to jump while running on the treadmill.

Many runners complained running on a treadmill is better than running outside because they read these points.

  1. Fear of accident always comes to mind.
  2. Unable to enjoy nature’s views.
  3. During the running, can’t take adventure such as high and long jump.
  4. Paying for running in spite they can run free.
  5. Following safety tips take more time than running outside.
  6. During the exercise, the user faces some common problems.

Last but not least, this is one of the biggest stuff for every exerciser. Why should they pay money for exercise? In fact, running outdoor is fully free except buying sneakers and some exercise tracking gadgets?


The treadmill is such a great fitness tool for those people who don’t have time and don’t like outdoor exercise. If we look at the other side of it, the treadmill is costly, unable to make feel of nature’s views, and always fear in mind when running on a treadmill.

Outside Running (Running Outside vs Treadmill)

Running outside is always connects you with nature and makes your mood happy. It is simple to run anywhere, such as a park, hill (if available), and road.


Running is the basic and most effective exercise for all human beings. It helps to maintain our metabolism and boosting immunity. However, treadmill running is also helping to maintain human organ systems.

The majority of the population is running outdoor or enjoy the scene. Running outside feels fresh because when we inhale the fresh air, oxygen goes into our body and mind. Only the human brain use 20% of consumed oxygen.

Running outside helps to motivate because we show other human beings during running, and some meet with each other. This process helps to increase the level of motivation.

Running outside also reduces depression because depression is anti of socialism. As per the research that is conducted in 2015, outdoor running has maintained the health of hair. In fact, the majority of females used to run outside.

Basically, running outside develops the core of the leg muscles makes them strong. When you run longer, there is a chance of building muscles and bones. This is one of the most important factors to build bone metabolism.

Last, running outdoor doesn’t require fees like gym fees and other investments. By the way, buying shoes and other gadgets for fitness level tracking are not included.


As we already mentioned, there is nothing 100% in the world. Running outside can stop you, and some risks may come in a runner’s life.

Weather can be destroying the daily running schedule, same as warm temperature, rain, and fog. It is important to prepare your clothes that face these conditions.

During the summer weather, make sure never forget to carry a water bottle while running out. It can be a chance of dehydration, as well as dehydration is so risky. Our life is in our hands, and we suggest you never take a chance.

Some people like to run at night, and we would like to suggest them. It is a good thing if they are running/walking in the park. Don’t try to run after sunset. Even after you want to walk, take proper protection, such as wear reflecting clothes and walk the only known road.


Running outside is free and helps to connect with nature. Some research says that outside running increases the mental level and also improves the health of core muscles.

It has killed the possibility of diseases. There is some loophole such as climate condition, low light running, and running on a hard surface.

Running Outside vs Treadmill – Conclusion!

Running outside vs treadmill each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Either you choose outside running or treadmill, all their have stuff and both physical and mental advantages.

Make sure all the things have their own importance and places. I hope you like this article and understand both importance. So please share this article with your valuable friends and others. Good luck!


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